Monday, December 2, 2019

{ Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Decor }

So, about six months before Christmas  I start brainstorming Christmas ideas for every room I'm planning on sharing that year! Well, this year I planned an old fashioned vintage Christmas with orange slices, cinnamon sticks, branches etc... Fast forward & it seems to be super popular this season..which is good & bad I guess ha. I took a little bit of a different route & decided to do freestanding orange slices,  cinnamon bundles & eucalyptus with mixed in unfinished wood stocking ornaments!! Today I'm  here to share our 2019 Christmas tree Inspiration look!! Sorry in advance for the short post today, I'm  fighting vertigo yet again..Anyways, get comfy & come take a peek below...


These Facebook Marketplace chairs couldn't be any better for this year's holiday decor look!! The green + cream check pattern pull from the trees goods & vice versa! Old fashion with a hint of effortless whimsical  magic!


I love the deep browns, vintage chandeliers & lots of greens & creams with the vibrant orange slices scattered within the tree & mantel garland..I never thought I'd be using orange in Christmas decor, but I just love the simple old fashion Christmas items. 


We go to Holiday Nights at Greenfield village almost every year & they give me so much vintage Christmas Inspiration ! I love the old cozy welcome decor & dinner settings...If you've never been to Greenfield Village Holiday Nights..GO!! You'll be in total ahhhhhh the WHOLE time. PROMISE!


I hope you like this simple old fashioned tree decor. Have you ever decorate with oranges, cinnamon bundles or eucalyptus branches for Christmas? I'm  sure you're all ahead of me in this haha. 

Happy Tuesday!

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