Tuesday, March 21, 2017

{ How to Get & Decorate a Farmhouse Style Pantry Easily! }

Hey guys & welcome back!! Today's post is all about our farmhouse style pantry & how you can achieve the look super easily with some cute items that also serve a purpose! So I decided to look back on prior posts a few days back while "spring cleaning" every aspect of out home & business/blog stuff too & came across our farmhouse pantry diy HERE & noticed it was one of our most viewed post ever!! I thought I'd do a little follow up with some items you can use in your pantry to make it more farmhousey the simple way! I gathered some goodies & some newer pictures along with some pictures from the original post! I think this is one of my favorite ever DIY projects we have ever done & for just about free!!! 

The above sign is from +Hobby Lobby  for under $8!

We used an old vintage window & just simply unhinged the old pantry cabinet door & hinged the window & attached..Super simple! I added some vintage mason jars with vintage looking labels, painted the window black & freshened up the inside of the pantry with white paint on the shelves. I also added a huge vintage crate & enamel sign from +Hobby Lobby

Hang an apron, labeling goods & storing foods like pasta,spices etc.. in canisters also can help achieve this look & it's so much easier to access too!!! For items that you don't want to show as much you can use vintage picnic baskets, crates or bins. I like to store our can goods in our vintage crate! Adding signs like "market", "pantry" or "dry goods" can also add to this look or even hanging a wreath { I still need to try this one }. 

Labels are from +IKEA USA 

I hope you guys liked this updated & more informative/ idea post about how to achieve this look the thrifty way! Let me know how you organize/style your pantry or if you have any tips!!

Happy Tuesday!

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