Sunday, November 17, 2019

{ Rustic Old Fashioned Christmas Living Room }

HAPPY MONDAY! Let's  get this week started in style..So I mentioned via INSTAGRAM  that I didn't  know if it's  because it's  been a hectic  hard year or just because I'm  o l d, but I went simple old fashioned /winter/ Christmas  decor this year...I guess I used bolder pieces, traditional pieces & lots of warm greens, oranges & my focus color brown!! I know it sounds different  but it's  sooo cozy & basically  is focused around  this awesome  rug I scored at I just wanted an old fashioned Christmas..oranges, cinnamon  bundles & lots of lanterns & woods mixed in. Come see our comfy old fashion rustic  Christmas living  room  below... 

• Side Note: I'll  be photographing our downstairs family  room which is something  I also went very different  with! Inspiration GALORE -I promise.



So, like above as I  mentioned I was drawn to brown's this year! Lots of old fashion patterns, dark browns,  galvanized goods, mason jars & brown glass! I had the idea of fresh orange slices  & cinnamon sticks  months ago, but am kinda bummed to see it's  so popular  this year...I wanted a bit of a different  flocked old fashioned tree, so I added homemade  cinnamon  stick bundles  { few posts back} & added orange  slices  & eucalyptus branches throughout!


We moved this vintage  bed & breakfast chandelier in here a few months ago & it  completed this old fashioned Christmas  look. Paired with the warm brown  wool rug, wood treasures & galvanized accents! 


I ordered the orange slices  off of
& placed a few scattered in the matching flocked garland. The mixed in vintage mason jars & brown trees complete the mantel! 


I picked up this "log" bucket from @homegoods & filled it with a huge wood slice & festive rustic branches!  The crisp white candles pull together the oversized  cozy white chair pillows & fireplace!!


These brown mason jars are vintage  dupes from @Michael's & they're  on built  in timers which is so convenient! I love the lids..they looks so vintageyy without the price!! The clear masons are antiques all the way from Maine!! 

What's  your favorite  type of Christmas decor? Traditional, eclectic, vintage, modern, farmhouse,  cottage,  etc.. I'd  love to hear in the comments!!

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