Thursday, April 1, 2021

{ Vintage Easter Kitchen Counter }

 Well, I'm officially that person who forgets a holiday is in three days...haha! I mean thing's have been  weird, but I can't believe I almost forgot about Easter! Anyways, so after I got home I spruced the house up cleaning & then I found a sign....You see it's normal in our home to find random decor pieces never seen before to be stashed all around the house!! Isn't that normal?.. I forgot I had this sign my mom picked up a few years  back, which was a  total relief! Relief because I have little Easter decor & needed to get a post out!!! Thankfully this piece went well with my other new + vintage pieces! Come see some quaint Easter inspiration below.....


Although I almost forgot about Easter, my love for cute bunnies run deep! I've had rabbits most my life..Starting from age 5. When I was attacked by a dog at two years old, I had ptsd from it. To help with the anxiety, we got a pet rabbit- Lucifer!


Plus they're just adorable!


You know I had to mix in some vintage goods! These gold rimmed  tea set is from my grandma. The rabbit pottery art from my mom. I love pottery art , if you didn't know..


I think loving rabbits & Easter stems from my grandma! She loved books & loved reading Peter Rabbit garden stories over tea & butter cookies. Mmm I can taste her Red Zinger tea & hear her old China clattering about...I miss her dearly! 


I only have about 10 Easter decor pieces, but somehow always use them differently! Maybe it's time to shop...


I hope you liked this Easter inspiration! It's a different spot to show decor but also adds charm to the countertops!
What's your favorite Easter dish to eat or make or style with. Decor or food, I need all the inspiration!

HAPPY Friday!

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