Thursday, June 21, 2018

{ Cozy Summer Country Cottage Living Room Refresh }

Today has been the most cozy beautiful sunny summer day & I've been inside all day..which doesn't bug me because I've gotten so much accomplished before the busy weekend of hanging new doors & possibly painting some you can tell by that last sentence still no perspective new homes. I'm not letting that get me down, instead we're just doing little fun projects around here & enjoying summer! I think I've been in the best mood since Christmas because you guys ..MY DAD IS CANCER F R E E!!! I'm so relieved to know his scans came back CLEAR! I mean if that isn't the best news I don't know what is! Sorry if that doesn't interest you, but I like to share real life on here too. Okay, back to today's post which is filled with everything summertime in our upper living room.. I needed something to brighten this space up even though it's already pretty bight I was sick of the dark jute rug, dark slipcover & just needed a different feel so instead of painting { I'll explain the delay soon } I decided to finally buy a new rug, switch our "winter" slipcover out & add some new { old} thrifty chippy pieces etc.. Keep reading below for more on this simple summer space..

Unlike most of my posts I had a vision for our summer upper living room. I've mentioned before but our lower level is super rustic lodge like, so I keep the upstairs super bright & more branded to my blog. In may my mom dropped of this chippy stool & I knew right where I wanted to put it..right here with dusty lambs ear stems, rustic coasters & keep everything super light, cottagey & mix in some country greens & blues. I'm still on the blue ticking stripe craze, but I wanted more of a summer farmhouse look with LOTS of antiques & vintage pieces mixed in with a touch of whimsical.

Keeping with that summer cottage/ farmhouse look with simple blues, & dusty greens I needed something for this space...I dug up this canvas painting from HomeGoods I purchased a few years back that I forgot about & voila it fit perfect! I added the"welcome" farmhouse pillow I got on vacation in Maine last year & some cottagey teacup flowers.

One of the other semi bigger changes was adding a bright white/cream rug instead of the old dark jute rug. I still like jute but think they look dirty/ dark a lot of the times so I picked this one up at a discount store for $40!!

We also bleached & added the original white slipcover back on & some new stems here & there! I did switch back in forth between bright white candles & the flowers on the couch shelf, but ultimately liked the teacup flowers better. Which do you prefer?

One of the driving factors for this refresh was this vintage chippy green hamper from a market HERE we picked up. I love it & blogged all about it HERE. I love how it coordinates with the table stool & brings in the same green chippy vintage look.

One thing I didn't have time for was to grab some new pillows, I love these but a certain doggy { Stewy } got to the corners on some of them again ahhh. I'm thinkin white & blue ticking stripe or some cream ones..Simple & cozy! The grey flower vase holder & coffee table are both vintage finds.

What do you guys think of this dusty cozy summer cottage living room refresh? Do you love bright spaces during summer or crave anything in particular? I hope you find this cozy space inspirational & enjoy summer to the fullest! It's always a treat for us here in the north, since our summers only last 3 months if lucky. 

Happy Thursday, pals!
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