Wednesday, October 9, 2019

{ Vintage Witches Brew Halloween Tablescape }

Hey pals happy Thursday!! I hope your weeks been going smoothly  & you've  been enjoying October  & this fall season  thoroughly!! Today I'm  back with, CAN YOU GUESS??..more Halloween  inspiration!! Like who am I haha. Years of no Halloween  posts & now a few within  a week- crazy!! I'm  going to be honest, I still don't  like the gory bloody decor or too scary but the vintage witch stuff I actually  love. Weird fact about me? I love the Salem  Massachusetts  witch trial historical stuff. We actually  were going to go this year for vacation, but other obligations came up, but soon!! That was my going inspiration for this tablescape idea. I also wanted to share the new antique  table a little  too..The beat up wood top & black chippy paint couldn't  have made a better backdrop. Come see this look below.....

So for this look I used a bunch of things I had & borrowed  the rats from my gram ha! I zoomed over in the Jeep { thank gosh for my gram } & as she was handing them to me I literally freaked  out! I'm  DEATHLY  afraid of rats!!! She was laughing  her butt off at me hehehe. 


I wanted a very rustic vintage  authentic  witches brew look. Our table backdrop was perfect I just needed a few witchy  items! I used matches, purple spell bag, vintage spell books, spiders, rats & lots of vintage glass potion style bottles!!

No witches  house would be complete without a broomstick right? I hung this copper one from years ago on our barn dining  room  divider!

I think what brought this whole space together was the glow from the candles honestly! The warm spooky orangey glow right before  I put a spell on you hahaha...just kidding!


Recreate this Look: 

• Old black pot
• Few chunky white candle  sticks
• Black cat, rats, spiders etc.. { Dollar Tree}
• Numbers 
• Dark covered  book for spells
• Black greenery
• Few glass bottles or beakers. 

☆ Simply follow how I layed the items out & voila,  a spooky vintage  tablescape of your own.

What do you think about this Halloween  tablescape I created? I'm  not going to lie, those rats are creepy hehehe. I'm  off to take a hot bubble  bath & cozy in to watch Hocus Pocus...classic right?! 
• What's  your favorite  Halloween  movie?

Happy Wednesday!

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