Sunday, September 8, 2019

{ DIY Classic Fall Barn Look }

Okay, soo that title might have been a little "clickbait-ish} but not on purpose ha. You all know that in the last 3 weeks we've been working super hard to paint our big white wood garage CANDLE RED!  You see it already looked barn-ish because of the style, size,  back of property location & chunky wood planks! The major reason we did this change was because although it's not that old, it needed a few repairs. I also wanted to step out of my comfort zone & use a red it was! It pairs well with the front white & red brick cottagey ranch. I loved the new bold fall red so much, that I wanted to show you the fresh  paint + repairs while styled for the season!!!!


I know, I know styling our garage barn ..why? Well yes actually because it looks so fresh & I wanted to use some mums back here while showing off the new red paint color!


This red couldn'te be any truer to authentic "barn red" & I'm so glad!!! Perfect mix of bold & rustic without orangey or peach undertones while staying away from dark cranberry. 
• We used Behr!


If you watched my IG stories you know we spent Saturday afternoon goofing around at our local nursery  -Steinkopf-  & picked 4 bunches of mums for $7.99 each- STEAL!! 


Of course I added some vintage goodies like this antique tractor sprinkler, white metal chairs, old well pump & lots of greenery + bold orange pumpkins! I love fall in  New England &  wanted to create a vibrant color splashed barn!



I needed a mini focal point piece against the big red garage, so this pop up pumpkin patch sign was perfect!!  I can't wait to enjoy this space from here on all the way through fall with hot  cider & cocoa nights!!
P.s. pray for the mums haha !!! 

I really hope you loved this makeover, because we're obsessed!!! I'm happy I let myself think outside the box a bit or out of my comfort zone a little! Mark did an amazing job custom fitting all the new trim planks etc.. 


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