Thursday, December 10, 2015

{ Our Rustic Cottage Inspired Holiday Porch }

Happy Friday everyone!!! Today { Thursday } was such an awesome day filled with something I truly love doing & being inspired by!! I literally can not wait to share some really exciting news with you guys in Monday's post..I know "How dare I do that to you guys" hehe. Sorry I can't tell you just yet, but Monday will be ALL about what's been going on & the start of something pretty fun & exciting, and the start of something we've been wanting to do for the last 3-5 yrs. Anyways stick around for the post..but today I'm sharing our super simple holiday porch!! It's the last stop for our holiday decor  { See our full holiday home tour --> 2015 Holiday Home Tour & I'm pretty excited to share it with you guys!!

NOTE: I know the pictures are mixed together, I usually leave the porch simple up until a few days before Christmas. I added some bright red  poinsettias a few days ago to welcome our soon-to-be guest! Enjoy!!!

I'm in love with our fresh new black door with our porch decor  this year!! Painting that door for under $30 was the best decision hah --> Front Door Makeover! The rustic wood trim with this cute little sign from +Big Lots  look so nice paired together!

I spotted this welcome mat at +Kohl's  and  had to have it. It was on sale for under $15 & for an outside mat I couldn't pass that price up!! It's different & not like everyone's oh so popular car /Christmas tree themed ones..which I love,but you know I try & stay away from the "it" goods. 

Okay, FIRST year ever that we store bought outside Christmas decorations & I actually love this little simple & rustic set that  my HUBBY picked out!! I'm usually not into generic outside decor, but this was perfect for the look I was trying achieve & the set was only $85 +Big Lots .

How cute is that tree? The larger one is also from +Big Lots  & we got it for $10!!!!! I know steal right?! It was the last one { floor display }, pre-lit  & 4ft..SOLD!!

This bench is one of the projects that seriously is in my top 10 fav. I just love this bench my dad picked up junkin in the north.  It's rustic charm is so appealing with the faux presents & simple crock/buckets!! The full makeover if you're interested  --> Rustic Bench Makeover

I mean simple, festive & thrifty..Seems perfect for my little cottage loving self haha. P.S. how cute is that little red splatter of paint on the old galvanized bucket? It was there when we picked it & I had to turn it to show it off ..more imperfections the better, right?!

I will say too, this reindeer & sleigh set at first was pretty scary.. in pieces & didn't seem like it was going to hold up, let alone stand up..but it's been super windy here & it's held up SO WELL with just the little ground spikes it came with. I promise this isn't a sponsored post for Big Lots either!! ;)

I really hope you guys liked this little porch of ours. It's so simple & I love that with literally 4 different things it fell into place. I actually just sat those crocks there after hand washing them & then loved them with the buckets..I swear it's the projects that you don't sink hours into that come together so nicely. Have a lovely weekend everyone..We're off to enjoy some of our Christmas traditions, see ya back Monday for the news!!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has viewed our 2015 Christmas Tour ---> Classic Country Chirstmas Tour '15..I never could've imagined that we would have that many people view it on my little blog in this huge blogland world! THANK YOU again x10!!