Monday, January 2, 2017

{ Easing into Winter with some Simple Tips & Decor Items }

Happy 2017 everyone!!! I'm so excited to dive into this fresh new year with some new personal goals, career goals & just life in general! I didn't want to come on here today & just talk about the new year & resolutions because let's face it everyone does that right after the 1st & it actually drags me down a bit! I wanted to do something a little different { typical on TQS } & talk about something a lot of people struggle with including myself- DECORATING AFTER CHRISTMAS!! It's that weird transition that you just can't totally go one way or another..Too cold/ bare to start decorating for spring { at least here in MI } & everyone is basically over Christmas decor..So what to decorate with? Today I'm sharing some pictures from our own home decorated for "winter" using a mix of leftover Christmas goods, junkin finds, wood, wreaths & good ole' pine trees!!!

P i n e  T r e e s / P i n e C o n e s


This is probably my favorite thing to use to decorate for winter with!!! I'm a lover of greenery & pine trees so I always pop a few up in the house after Christmas!! I usually don't even need to dig them out because I'll just use the ones I had out for Christmas & take the bulbs/decorations off! I love the simple rustic look of a pine tree & it's perfect for wintery decor. You can find the mini rustic pine trees from your local +Michaels Stores  or +Hobby Lobby  for usually under $10!!

P.S. the bulbs are a bit too holiday for me so I'll be removing those, but everything else will stay or be tweaked just a bit. Love now having to worry about putting tons of Christmas way this year..and that's coming from the 'Christmas Crazy" me haha!

N e u t r a l / N a t u r a l  D e c o r

This piece is the perfect example of styling something so simple, naturally & well thrifty too! It screams Christmas & with only a few thrifty items! I just added some old wood window frames stacked, +IKEA USA  greenery/ $1 wreath & a +HomeGoods  picture! The table legs, crock  & tree were all free or thrifty finds! The $5 tree will stay a up a bit longer just bare, because it's wintery! I'm actually not dreading putting Christmas away this year because I went more wintery than anything! Most of our upper level can stay up well into January..score right?!

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L a n t e r n s

I love using lanterns in the summer & winter both honestly! They're so versatile & they help add that cozy rustic farmhouse/cottage look while being useful too! I just popped these little ones on this mantel behind our slipcover sectional & I love how they look. These are just little LED ones I got for $2 each from Family Dollar.  I have a huge chandelier lantern in our upper living room as well that coordinates. 

You can see from these two pictures & the others that I move & shuffle goods so much in our home. All these items doubled as winter + Christmas ,and using them in different spots just added more looks!

D i s t r e s s e d  W o o d

 Distressed wood items decorated with simple greenery are pretty much a staple in the winter at our little suburban cottage! The old rustic chipped wood creates that cozy cottage charming look while the simple natural greenery looks so natural & effortless paired with it!  Most of our chippy wood pieces were junkin finds, but you can also paint & chip/distress wood super easily as well with a wire brush & some dark wax!

R u s t y / V i n t a g e   G o o d s

Another one of my favorite things to add around our home or leave out depending on that year's Christmas decor..VINTAGE GOODIES! I love using items like skis, rusty skates, old buckets & crocks to display or mix in with the greenery or wood to add cozy warmth!

The vintage skates, metal toolbox, rusty candlestick holder & skis were all free junkin finds!


-These skis were a free find & I use them almost every winter..I love the rusted hardware & the wood aspect..The lit garland will be taken down soon or I'll just leave some greenery, but without the lights on etc..!

T h i c k   P i l l o w s

This is a given, but pillows make so much of a difference through each season & holiday! I love adding thick cozy pillows to our sofas to add a ton of texture & warmth/coziness! I had these pillows out for Christmas this year & just took out the"holiday" themed ones out after Christmas! I did recently switch out this sectionals pillows for all grey & white, but they're all still very winter without being Christmasyyy!

What do you guys think about our Christmas decor doubled as simple winter decor too?? Do you decorate for winter? What do you love to use? 

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Wishing you all a lovely Monday & fresh NEW YEAR!

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