Sunday, January 20, 2019

Our Changing Home..

Hey pals & welcome back. So something weird happened this holiday season, actually a few months before that even... I noticed my "branded" style changing a bit. I've always been into the cottage farmhouse look & I still am, however since I've been drawn to this decor style since before it came trendy & maybe that's why it's changing a bit now. There's the big secret, MY STYLE IS CHANGING...not completely but a little teeny tiny bit. I hope you're okay with that. I also hope to bring some fresh content to the blog also. So, I know the next question I'll be getting is " what style are you gearing towards?" Well honestly still cottage but with a more vintage cabin feel & less " farmhouse". I've been drawn to the more vintage goods, rich wood tones & just classic pieces. I'm horrible at explaining but almost with a semi masculine feeling. I guess think old vintage men's office feel..haha I'm trying so hard to explain,but I think the pictures below will help...


I think I've also been craving this style to get me through our long winters here in Michigan. We just got 5 inches dumped on us & I'm not loving it. Before or during the holiday's sure but after just doesn't seem right hahaha.  

The charming vintage pieces, warm tones & bigger cozier pieces are what I've been drawn to more of as of lately. I switched out our white slipcover & we added this chunky  handmade vintage coffee table. Come March it could all be of Paige ha , I kid!!


This vintage toolbox draws into the same kinda wood as the coffee table for this living room decor.


I think this little spot really depicts what I tried explaining in the intro about the style "change". Still cozy, wintery/ rustic & more vintage masculine. The trees seen better days but I love keeping our bare tree up throughout winter..

I hope you guys liked this peek into something I've been meaning to share. Nothing big but I always like to keep you guys in the loop here on the blog. Has your style evolved or anything similar? What styles are you drawn to the most? Let me know in the comments!!

Happiest Monday!

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