Tuesday, August 10, 2021

{ Summer Garden Sunflowers }

 Hey my pals!! Hope your summer is going smoothly & you're enjoying everything summer entails! Ours has been quite eventful & not in a good way unfortunately! Within a week our appliances decided to crash on us...Washer { only 2 yrs old }, garage door, AC & furnace!! Needless to say I needed a little pickup & some AC stat!! I had a bunch of errands to run & didn't mind because jeep AC ha.. Anyways, I bought myself some $2 sale Sunflowers & greens to brighten my sweltering day.  I usually grab some from my dad's dead-end, but I haven't made it over lately..So sale Kroger flowers it is! They weren't in horrible shape, but I have a few tips to perk up drooping sunflower heads for you...Keep reading below for this simple tip! 


This is a space I don't share much here on the blog, with the exception of Christmas! It's our lower level basement kitchenette area! I decided after I cleaned down here I would put the fresh flowers down here! We've been staying down here since the AC is being repaired  { I'm heat intolerant from Lupus }. One thing lead to another & well, I got rid of a whole bag of stuff, cleaned & refreshed!! 


This perky guy or gal is a healthy sunflower! Upright, perky & full!! See below for tips on  droopy or bent Sunflowers & how to perk them back up!!


• if drooping they could be dehydrated.  Add some warm water & a bit of sugar to the water. Cut the stems on an angle & stir the water. This should perk them up!



•Side Note: Don't those apple pie cookies look delicious??

Something about Sunflowers  are so summery...


We love using this space in the winter for entertaining, but this summer I was determined to bring summer inside down here...Especially with our AC being repaired. This garden sign is one of my most favorite vintage replicas. I needed something big for this wall & this sign was the perfect size & summer look!!

I hope you liked this post! Sorry about the light & quality, it's been a humid gloomy summer & light down here is scanty at times!! Did you know this sunflower revival tip??

HAPPY Tuesday!
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