Thursday, November 12, 2015

{ Our Traditional Christmas Entryway }

Wooo hooo it's Friday!! This week has been a weird one...hahah! This is one of those spaces that I like to keep fun & fresh , but still mostly practical! It's our little entryway & obviously one of the first things you see when you walk into your suburban cottage. Just like first impressions, I like to keep this area at its best. This year I wanted something traditional, bright & more of like a vintage Christmas with pops of true reds etc..! I mentioned a few post back that I did a hugeeee change-up this year with Christmas decor & well here is a sneak peek..Let's just say it's not neutral like before hehehe ;) ! I added some vintage little goodies I had laying around the house & some of the things we use everyday, coats, scarves, totes etc.. I wanted it to look as non staged as possible ,but still welcoming & festive for the holidays! Here's what I came up with so far...

This is pry my favorite holiday entry of ours since living in this house! It's so bright, vintage & traditional!  It just reminds me of the jolly ole guys house hahaha ;)! The simple true red bow, the soft red & green check scarf & the brass key..Simple & bright!

The key, cubby cabinet, wood Santa lid & vintage lantern were all free finds! The pine cones, red bow, reindeer & wrapping paper are all from Michaels or Dollar Tree. 

This came off of a  gift box that had wine & an opener in it. I loved the Santa engraved in it so I kept the top..

Have a lovely weekend guys & as always THANK YOU for stopping my TQS!! Do you decorate your entryway for Christmas , just curious..? 


{ Vintage Inspired Bakery Cabinet! ]

Happy Thursday guys!!! It's gloomy & rainy here in the north..blahhh { I'd rather have snow} & to be honest I'm not in the greatest mood..eek! You know those times you wish you could say what you really want to or are thinking about a situation or about people...Ya, I'm in one of those funks haaha! Anyways to cheer myself up I decorated our dining room cabinet for Christmas & I'm in loveee! I went with a traditional vintage bakery inspired look this year..I wanted something warm, festive & inviting , so I skipped on all the newer looking or store bought goods this year & came up with this little bakery inspired theme. I'll be posting the whole 2015 Holiday Home Tour soon, but for now I'm sharing this adorable & thrifty { All used or Dollar Tree goods} corner cabinet styled like a cute bakery!!! 

I got this idea in my head I wanted to carry on with the farmhouse style in the kitchen,but still wanted some traditional pops of red, so here came the thought to make it like an old fashioned bakery!! I remembered seeing these cute little candle cupcakes at Dollar Tree so I grabbed a few, a cupcake pan, & some pie pans. I bought the white mason jars from +Marshalls    a while ago on sale & they fit perfect in the spot!! The candlesticks &vintage kettle were both free finds!!

I'm really into these simple earthy/Christmasyy wreaths this year!! I have two of these & they were gifts from +IKEA USA  from last  year!!

This cabinet is one of my favorite pieces in our little dining room! I love how old it is, & the little chipped paint in random spots on it!!

How cute are these little cupcakes guys?? They smell pretty yummy too. I'm always preaching this on TQS, but think outside of the box when decorating..I mean I used candles & baking goods for this little setup..& all for under $10!!

I spotted these Coca-Cola glasses last night at Dollar Tree with my grams & I couldn't resist!!  I knew they'd give that Christmas, yet vintage diner/bakery feel..see again something different, yet fits well with the theme! I mean for a $1 each..& P.S. if you know us, you know we're Coca-Cola bad!

I loveee those crocks & when I say love I mean it haha! They're like my pride possessions & they were all FREE!! I stuck them up there after bringing them in to clean them up from outside  & actually really liked them up there so I decided to leave them alone. I stuck some thrift store Christmas trees in them for some rustic holiday cheer! 


I hope you guys liked this little setup I came up with!! You guys know I like to keep it simple, thrifty,fresh & this screams all of that I think.. .! It's actually  putting me in the mood to bake up a little something..More on that later :)!! Happy night guys!! What do you think of this little bakery styled cabinet??