Monday, April 20, 2020

{ Country Spring Porch }

Some days are better than others. Today was beautiful but hard. I did get a minute to go outside & enjoy the warmth of the spring sun & snap a few photos on my phone! I always like to have a fresh post out for Monday..Although admittedly today's post I almost didn't "publish" because, well phone pics &  I realized once I had taken them I left the front door open..BUT today's post is real + raw , so I wanted to share our little country spring porch look anyway!!!


I kept  it super simple with the most rustic items I could find because our spring has been ROUGH! Rough meaning both weather & worldly. Our Michigan weather has been on & off cold, hail, snow,  sun REPEAT!! Worldly because with the Covid19 lockdown it's hard to get out & about to buy new items!

The star of this little country porch are these white bushel of flowers & this textured vintage wicker basket!

The boxwood tree is from IKEA 
It was purchased a few years back, but I did just check & they have something similar to this! The white flowers are from Michaels


The small watering can is my favorite.  It's new from my grams' vintage pile  so I had to use it! That gave me the idea for the other collected galvanized cans I had!


The boxwood tree & wreath added some minimal green & tied in well together,  so I popped these out here too. I usually have a sitting area or bench our here but honestly just wanted to keep it clean & simple. I'll share the back patio soon!!

I hope you didn't mind this impromptu post with it's flaws! It's still cute, cozy & fresh for spring..small wins!!!

HAPPY Monday!
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