Sunday, March 24, 2019

{ Comfy Early Spring Home Decor Touches }

Hey pals!! What a fastttt, oh so fast weekend. I didn't get as much done as I wanted because, well I've been having a flare up from my autoimmune issues. My knees are on fire, sore etc.. I pushed myself on Friday to get the living room refreshed with a clean slipcover & washed throws. I decorated a bit & well that was mostly it. It's super hard for me to not be doing something I love so much & even worse thinking about it mentally. Thankfully Mark grocery shopped Sunday & I stayed home with the pups...I wanted to share quickly some small spring touches in the living room I changed after giving it a good wash & refresh... 

I forgot to mention above, but I picked up a new cream rug too. We go through rugs around here like crazy with the animals & with me being a clean freak ha. Simple, comfy, bright & bold. I also wanted to share a "before" the fresh white slipcover was put on..few of the pillows are new & some simple cottage table decor.


I spruced up the cabinet & wall decor! I'll be blogging that soon, but I also decluttered these chairs & added a few spring items to the chippy white table!


Little peek of the fresh creamy & white sofa & fresh spring decor + pillows!! 
▪ Full blog post coming soon!!


Few simple dining room spring touches, decluttering & sunning my plants!! This table I love but hate the extender lines..We're in the works for a new one but for not this one with the new chairs & cute cozy seat cushions will do. I decided to not use a tablecloth or placemats for a more simple fresh feel. 


My go to accent this spring is rustic galvanized garden goods.. I threw a few faux plants on this galvanized 2 tier stand & lamp & it instantly cozied the space. 


This fireplace mantel is constantly getting new looks but this will stay for a bit. I love the quaint super cottagey spring look. The birdhouse I picked up for $10 & I love the vintage appeal...

I hope you love guys love this bright & fresh space!! These two obviously couldn't wait to get in here & cozy up!! ▪ Whats your favorite cozy spot?

Happy Monday!!