Wednesday, January 6, 2016

{ New pieces at Angels, Saints & Stuff !! }

Happy Thursday everyone!!! I'm sitting here writing this post while listening to Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry { Don't judge.. } & I'm just reflecting on the day..Today { Wednesday}  was sooo nice & sunny ,and an accomplishing good day here in the north!! You know those days where they're just filled with inspiration, contentment & cheerfulness? Ya, today was just like that..not a care in the world, but filled with so much random happiness! It started with the rescue of a discarded puppy my lovely husband & mom saved{ we rescue on the side } & was followed by visiting  one of my favorite places ANGELS, SAINTS & STUFF ! I had the jeep loaded with a few pieces that needed pricing etc.. so I spent sometime up there today.  I swear the store has such a nice aura about it. It's so bright & cheery ,and you're surrounded with everything from, antiques, fine art, custom pieces & holy goods! I literally could stay in there all day with Cathy the owner. She's one of those people who come into your life randomly & instantly adds something positive! Come see some new pieces & of course drop in to shop around { I'm usually there on Wednesdays dropping new goods off } I'd love to see you guys!! Not only great goods, but as stated in my first announcement post about the shop --->Selling Our Treasures..  half of EVERYTHING Cathy & I make goes directly back to  charity!!!! I mean, how cool is that?? Okay, enough with my rambling come see some new stuff..;)

Guys this is one of those pieces that Mark had to just about yank out of my hands haha..It's such a cool piece!! The cream paint with the dark antique wax makes this old secretary desk/cabinet so charming!!! 

Look familiar? Yup, that's our previous kitchen table haha! See guys when I say we're constantly switching things around..I mean it ;)! Out of all our kitchen tables we've had new or used THIS table was my favorite! I love the middle base & the simple detail. The base was painted my me & I custom mixed the color or a light & versatile chalky blue/grey! The rim is painted a simple gloss white with a lightly distressed touch. 

Oh, this piece...I debated bringing this piece to the shop, but I'm so glad I did! It's cute & unique, and with some TLC could be a really nifty show piece!  I love the sleek & slender look paired with the tall back & simple wood detail.

I'm calling this green little table "chippy goodness"!! I actually had this piece in our living room for a month or so & loved it! After Christmas I needed some fresh stuff, so  parted with this little cutie. It's another unique piece & so cute & cottageyy! It's painted with a regular latex light/vintage green paint & the distressed edges are hit all in the right places!

How cute is the shop?? I'll take some raspberry hot chocolate & home magazines and see you later hehe :)

I'm thanking you all from the bottom of my heart for thinking of us lately, praying & showing us so much kindness. We're easing into the new year more lighly/fun & we're just loving the simple pleasures in life & maybe  planning a little adventure coming up;)..Okay, I'm going to go before I get tooo emotional, but again THANK YOU!! 

Happy & Healthy Weekend Everyone!