Wednesday, January 4, 2017

{ Farmhouse Style Goods for Every Room of your Home + Ideas }

Hey guys! Today was the day that sadly most of our Christmas decor went away..which was sad because my Christmas crazy self loves everything cozy & cheerful Christmas brings! I did however manage to keep one of our largest trees up in our lower level, because it's super rustic & I just left it bare..I mean pine trees for winter decor check checkkk hahaha! Anyways so as I was putting all the cheery & cozy Christmas decor & pulling out some items I noticed a trend.. Not only was I basically redecorating for Christmas with winter goods , but I also was pulling out all farmhouse & cottage style items{ or treasures as I like to call them} to warm our little suburban cottage back up! I always go for cozy style items, so I thought I'd blog some of my favorites! I put together a bunch of goods that can be used in almost  every room of the house! These items are for the most part neutral & can be found at all your local chains like +HomeGoods  , +Marshalls , & +Michaels Stores !!

I love that "grocery" sign! I actually just helped a friend out with her home & we purchased one of these for her kitchen/dining space! This is where I got the inspiration for this post...Not everyone knows where to purchase these goods or how to cozy up their home in farmhouse or cottage decor so why not blog how/where?! 

I hope this list of things was helpful for your farmhouse & cottage style decor! I know people still get a bit confused on where to get these goods, because lets face it this is still a semi newer trend etc.. What do you guys think about these style goods? Do you use any of these items in your home? Where do you get them? Let me know in the comments below!

Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday!

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