Thursday, December 3, 2015

{ Our 2015 Classic Country Christmas Tour }

It's finally here after many hours of photographing, sorting pictures, decorating, screaming at the dogs, bugging the husband etc..OUR HOLIDAY HOME TOUR!! I'm not going to lie this is my most favorite time of the year & I look forward & prepare for it sometimes months in advance!! The holiday home tour in the blogging business is like going to the Grammys haha! The homes showcased are stunning in every way Christmas should be classified! Join me for our little tour around our comfy suburban cottage! I also may have added a blooper or two..thanks to our lovely doggies haha! I will say that all the years I've blogged/ decorated this is my most favorite. It turned out exactly what I had pictured in my "Christmas Crazy" brain & actually more. The big switch-up { neutral downstairs & color upstairs } I'm loving. I was going for the classic vintage Christmas feel & I think I achieved it..What do you think?!

- Entryway/ Porch

I went simple with out little porch this year! I added some crocks, galvanized buckets & trees.  We got the little 4ft pre-lit tree on clearance for $10!! The wreath is from Menards's  & something I never thought I'd do..but we bought some store bought light up decor!!! I was shocked myself, but when my husband called me over to look at it..I actually loved it! The whole set was under $100!! See our full inside entryway here --> Entryway

See our full  porch here -->  2015 Holiday Porch

- Kitchen & Dining Room -

I kept with the theme of the upstairs & went with the classic country Christmas feel. I added some vintage +Coca-Cola  goods,copper accessories & some vintage green dishes & faux baked goods. See the whole dining room post here -->Dining Room

See the whole kitchen post here -->  Wintery Kitchen

- Living Room -

Okay, finally our Christmas living room!!!! I've been waiting to post this for weeks haha! I'm kinda in love with how this space turned out. This is the only room in our house that I haven't blogged separately, but I will soon haha! It all started with the theme of the fireplace mantel..I found some faux vintage bulbs & well, the theme kinda took off. I got this idea for a vintage tree lot inspired mantel & this is what I came up with. The rest of the living room I styled around this " classic country Christmas ". See the full fireplace mantel post here ---> Fireplace & Mantel

Blooper #1..See the corner of the jute pillow...someone had a snack on it. The red jute lined pillows are from +HomeGoods  btw!

I put that wreath up on the wall on a whim & fell in love! I even liked the messy it that country / effortless & comfy look.

Simple little tree in a bucket with some real vintage bulbs!

The new white slipcover makes the whole look, but lets just say the husband & dogs aren't digging it hahaha #whoops!

The red  pom pillow is from Tuesday Morning!

My gram gave me these little trees & I about snatched them when she said she didn't want them!

Blooper#2 ! Thanks Mr. Stewy for trashing the pillows & perching on your throne..hence why I didn't put any pillows here..dang puppy!

- Bedroom -

The bedroom again I wanted to flow nicely like the rest of the upper level..I used bold red & plaids the same print on our duvet as the bathroom shower curtain. Made it seem for cohesive since they're so close. You can see the whole bedroom post here ---> Cozy Bedroom

- Bathroom

The bathroom I kept simple & added stuff I had around the house or from previous decor I wasn't using. Come see the full bathroom post here --> Christmas Cottage Bathroom

- Lower Level

Biggest change up in our house for Christmas in years!! We switched all the neutral to our lower level lodge inspired Christmas & kept the colors upstairs. I'm loving this super comforting & soothing space. Come see the full blog post here ---> Lower Level Lodge

I sure hope you guys loved this "Classic Country Christmas"  inspired tour!!! I kept it as practical as possible & many of the goods were free finds, thrift ed or reused. No $45 dollar pillows here or$1000 dollar trees { even though I love them hehe }. Wishing you all the greatest holiday season with family & friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to view our home!!