Monday, September 6, 2021

{ Warm Dining Room Foliage Decor }

 I'm one of the people buying or scheming up ideas in August  for upcoming fall. Not only because I love the ambiance & cooler temps, but because I love sharing ideas with you & it's essentiallymy job here. This post is one that I didn't plan before but just kind of went with after doing an upstairs & lower level family room refresh! I had been lacking inspiration lately due to personal issues occurring.  Feels amazing to be back working + creating!! Everything in today's post I had on hand from other photoshoots / seasons!! I love being able to share looks that  are new looking but from past projects/ work. Come see this warm fall foliage look down below....


I'm going to let you in on why I used check accents... This wasn't pre-planned or thought out intentionally, but sure did work out nicely! 
The cream grommet curtains were in horrible shape, so I put up the newest thickest ones I had on hand..I just so happened to have a matching throw!!


One of my favorite things together in terms of color pallet theme etc.. are black, wood & brass paired together! It's cozy, crisp & a pinch vintage/ modern. Seeing how I already have brass hardware, it definitely was a must!


With everything going on I've been wanting to make our home warmer, and fall is the perfect time! The warm burnt orange foliage is from Target { last year }.


A few minimal white gourd pumpkins, lots of raw wood & warm leaves & stems!!


The boldness of the black, cozy of the wood & pop of the red barn garage & warmth of the foliage bring everything together!


The dishes are authentic vintage finds..some dating back to 1930s from barn & picking sales ! I added 3 layers with the ramekins last for texture { added last minute}.  


I hope you like this fall post! It's warm, smells like apple { thanks @etsy } & inviting for the cooler months ahead!

HAPPY Tuesday!
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