Wednesday, December 11, 2019

{ Traditional Christmas Cabinet Decor }

Thursday already..seems like lately that is the going theme, which isn't great! I'm  sad this holiday season { my favorite} is going by so quickly this year!  One thing I am glad about is the amount of ideas & inspiration I've been able to put out for you { my pals} this season!! It's been so fun to play around & cozy up our little  cottage  for Christmas!! Last year I was sick nearly the whole season from emergency visits & everything in  between. Holidays have always been special to Mark & I & we carry tons of traditions ..I think one tradition I've been doing these last few years are decorating my FAVORITE  cottage cabinet for Christmas!! I can't wait for you to see this year's look...


This cabinet is always a chore to decorate because of its size's h u g e!! Thankfully I have a bunch of stuff to fill it with haha! Many vintage thrifty treasures... My sister actually  styled the middle shelf while we were working on another project a few weeks ago...I LOVE IT, so I kept what she did. 


I knew what kind of look I was going for right away, & thankfully I had most of the goods on hand! Warming, cabin cottage Christmas with tons of traditional patterns etc.. I've always been drawn to the traditional tan Burberry pattern & we had these blankets & a scarf lying can probably guess the rest...!

Chunky traditional blanket patterns, white pillar candles,  textured baskets & vintage treasures...the perfect Christmas cabinet display!!

I brought in a ton of woods to match the tan Burberry pattern. Added to  that wood stain  with lots of flocked greenery & wreaths! It added that vintage cabin cottage look I love so much!!

Christmas Cabinet 2017 HERE


Lots of wood stains, creams, browns & vintage antique touches! It pulls that cabin look in with a hint of cottage glam.


I was skeptical about keeping the garden sign I've the TV in fear it was too summery, but in fact it's not & adds a lot of holiday charm!!

• D you have any spaces you style with cabinets? What are your favorite items to use??? 

HAPPY Thursday!
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