Tuesday, May 21, 2019

{ Spring Garden Nursery Tour }

 Wednesday, why hello!! A few days ago a friend & I stopped for slurpees & decided to brave the gloomy windy day, which was actually refreshing!! We popped in at our local nursery & oh myyy you guys it was sooo relaxing & cozy!! The amazing greenery, trees, shrubs, flowers & so on..I could have walked all day in there especially with no bright hot sun causing me to feel horrible.  I snapped a few pictures & thought I'd share with you all!! 

• G L E N D A 'S  
of Michigan •

The rows & rows of flowers, wood structures & everything garden had me in la la land haha!! I pretty much wanted one if each.. They had 3ft potted ferns for $38..I wish I would have snapped a picture..Great prices & selections 


This distressed gazebo was filled with roses..so dreamy!! Again, I wish I would have photographed a bit more, but it was super windy & spur of the moment!


Sweats, 3 inch roots & sneaks...ME haha!! But just look at those beauties..The colors were so vibrant!


If you know me, you know BOXWOODS are my jam!! Hint😉

I think this sign was telling me to eat more vegetables. It's funny how certain signs { no pun } can edge you in the right direction. I'm one of those people whose weight fluctuates very rapidly. 4 months ago I was down 32lbs from health issues, & currently I'm up 10lbs..which on my short 5'4.5 frame is a lot.  


Probably the prettiest tree...not on the property but that I've captured!! See it live in the video above if you missed it on my Instagram! 


I hope you enjoyed this little Greenhouse nursery tour!!