Wednesday, March 25, 2020

{ Painted Vintage Coffee Table }

The days are running together at this point & honestly my anxiety is super high! I have health anxiety OCD as is & this coronavirus has me literally paralyzed.  So, what better way than to combat some stress than to crank some music & paint! My husband brought this little antique pop up table home a few months back & I instantly fell in love with ! I have a thing for cubby style furniture & furniture pieces with antique porcelain hardware..this table had both!!!
Come see this table refresh below...


I didn't mind the peach/ tan paint color for Christmas,  because it worked well..but for spring I wanted something fresher & to coordinate with our other cottagey pieces!


I used some leftover white paint & it literally took me 20 minutes & voila! Bright, fresh & free!

I kept the folding edges the natural wood for some contrast & warmth! It pulls from the fireplace & adds even more charm to this comfy table!!

 Thanks for popping on here, sorry the post is a quick one..I've been trying to keep busy, but I'm a bit tired today...Another DIY will be on the blog SOON!

HAPPY Thursday!
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