Thursday, April 30, 2020

{ DIY Sanatizing Spray }

Today April 30th 2020 we lost my grandma.  The nicest, calmest tea & cooking loving lady.  I will miss her very much.
I wanted to share a post that mostly  everyone can use especially in the times of Covid19 & germ/ health awareness! I bought a few bottles of over 70% alcohol sanitizer, well the smell just wasn't great {obviously} . I mean again, not a huge problem,  but definitely easy to fix!! I did a little research to see what I had & what was able to mix with it to offset the potent  sterile alcohol smell. 
One of my go-to favorite natural scents is almond!! I just love it, and I happened to have leftover Almond Extract right in my pantry!!! Come see how to easily MAKE IT...

•*I'm in no way a doctor. If you're allergic to any ingredients do not use. Always check  with your health-care provider.


  • Alcohol *60% or more per CDC guidelines { sanitizer }
  • Spray bottle
  • Almond extract
  • Straw/ stir stick


This full bottle of alcohol spray is 240mL , I used about 90mL. I mixed close to 55mL to the almond! You could use a bit more if need be. 
Side Note: There will be a slight alcohol smell still!


I love that you can take an everyday item & still be able to find it easily during this Covid19 crisis! Simple 2 ingredients,  preparation & readiness! I did use vanilla, because although I LOVE  vanilla it's dark & with almond you can spray it nearly everywhere! I love that it's a spray too instead  of messy wipes with limited cleaning surface abilities!!


•• be cautious around animals, although research suggests it's fine for cats/ dogs. 


I hope you liked this simple diy post for the hard times we're all facing!! We can fight this together helping each other & being kind plus aware.  I can't wait for you to try this!

HAPPY Thursday!
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