Tuesday, October 17, 2017

{ Vintage Cottage Style Gallery Wall Pt. 2 }

Happy almost Wednesday..I hope you all are having a better week than I am. I truly mean that! It's been one thing after another lately & I'm at my breaking point { I'll share more if I can, since it's personal family stuff }..After being in bed trying to sleep I decided to hop out & finish this little wall that has been bugging me for quite a few months & quite frankly it was bare bare bareee haha! I finally broke down & decided to do a gallery wall. You can see the beginning HERE!! I knew as soon as I published that post that I needed to add a few things..It's a super long entry wall & I want it to feel cozy..if that's a thing haha. Anyways I've been collecting a bunch of basically junk for quite sometime & decided to put some of it to use like the vintage keys, leather tag, antique stopwatch & sooo on! Come see part two of this gallery wall below..

BAHAHA I had to post this one of the creeper creeping on his momma haha! He does this to me ALL over our house..It's an ongoing joke around here these days ha! Hiii, Stewy!!

As you can see I have the leather tag in some photos & others not..I was debated on what to put there & had that huge tag, so it may go back in the upper left corner..I also have some vintage North & South / East & West signs I want to hang, but I ran out of 3M today ha. I did use nails for a lot of this stuff, but this poor wall is soo beat up I tried using 3M more today..eek!


I love collecting things like this vintage match dispenser, keys, locks etc..I really had no clue to what I was going to do with this wall, but after I gathered the items it surprisingly came together quite well! I'm SUPER excited to add Christmas items to this space & change out the wreath!

Side Note: I'm thinking about painting this whole entrance area & freshening up the door. I think I'm soo ready to ditch the blue/grey & keep the black door?? Stay tuned haha.. you guys know how random I am!!

What do you guys think about this gallery wall thus far?? I may add more or just wait a few weeks & start adding Christmas touches!! 

 Chalkboard- Target
Wreath- HomeGoods
Welcome sign- HomeGoods
Keys- Vintage
Match Container-Junkin find
Frames- Junkin find
Letter- Hobby Lobby

Happy Wednesday!

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