Thursday, February 23, 2017

{ Farmhouse Style Durable Porch & Patio Decor }

Hey guys & happy Friday!! I wanted to quickly pop on here today since the weathers been super nice here in the mitten for February & everyone has been sprucing their yards, porches & patio areas up. I thought I'd share some cute farmhouse/cottage goods that you could use just about anywhere without worry about if they're covered etc.. I know there are bloggers, designers, stylist etc.. that decorate with items in these areas that aren't for outdoor use, but let's be real that isn't practical in most situations especially if you live in Michigan like I do haha! We get 3 different weather conditions daily & leaving things outside for decor that aren't outdoor approved type thing will ruin pretty quickly & it's just a pain plain & simple! Today I put together some items that you could easily leave outside without them getting ruined by the elements instantly! Come see these cozy farmhouse/cottage style goods to use for the upcoming season in your outdoor spaces!

I love all these goods from the greenery to the galvanized items & woods goods, but the faux garden boots { planters } are my favorite!! I spotted them at Kirklands a few weeks back & I think I'll be picking some up soon!

What do you guys think about these porch/patio style goods? Do you use things that are just for outdoor use or mix items together? Let me know down below!!!

Happy Friday!

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