Sunday, July 22, 2018

{ DIY Cottage Patio Table Pt.2 ! }

Hey pals & welcome back to TQS! So, this post isn't going to be super cute but I wanted to quickly jump on here & share with you what I did in regards to the back patio table that has been unfinished for 2 years haha..We work fast around here!.. In all seriousness I actually liked the rustic unfinished look but our weather took a toll on it & it needed a little TLC, especially since we got a nice new outdoor rug on sale at Target! I was undecided in the first part HERE , but after some thought I decided to go with crisp white paint. I went outside a few mornings ago while Mark was still sleeping & slapped 2 coats on it & love it!!! It's so bright & clean, just what the patio needed. Anyways come see this quick update below...

 Side Note: Quick pictures, excuse the quality!

I left some edges worn a bit where  I just brushed the paint on! I like the chippy distressed look still & didn't want it to look tooo perfect if that that makes sense! The paint I used was Behr exterior paint in plain white.

Of course I had to quickly style the table...It will be changing, but this is what I had on hand & I don't hate it to be honest! Simple flowers, green tray etc..

I wanted to share a fuller view, but I was so hesitant as our grass is straw currently since we haven't been running the sprinkler system & the rug is dirty from the storm the night before...but this is a progress post & not everything can always be pretty!!

Once everything is styled, not dead haha & put together I'll get some better photos & new a proper post. There's so much more to show  behind this excited to blog it!! Thanks for stopping by today, what do you think of the new { old } painted table?! 

Happy Sunday!
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