Thursday, April 22, 2021

{ DIY Brass French Country Faucet }

 Happy Wednesday pals! Today I'm so excited to share something with you guys I've wanted for quite sometime now...A new  KITCHEN FAUCET haha! Did you guess right?! Not many would, unless you're a blogger, interior designer etc.. Little fun fact, I've wanted a vintage brass french country inspired kitchen faucet for years now! We are constantly picking + junkies but never came upon  one sadly..I wanted something that wasn't super shiny but brass nonetheless.  Well, that's when Modern Masters paint crossed my mind...Come see the full makeover below!


This was obviously the before! I didn't hate the black but it blended into the copper tinged black granite countertops.  The faucet was distressed with bronzed brass bits already when we bought it from Home Depot a few years back!!



• wipe clean
• take a mid grade sandpaper lightly to it. Wipe again after above step
• Paint { I did 3 coats}
• Seal with clear spray sealant If needed



•Clean rag
•Small fluffy brush
•Modern Masters paint
• Clear sealant 


I love how bright & whimsical it is, especially in a smaller space! The bright cheery vintage brass looks great with just about any decor or season. 


One of the reasons we didn't want a new brass faucet installed, was because I wanted an aged authentic looking the vintage pots holding the beautiful fresh flowers!

Side Note: Waiting on some fun pieces for these cabinets!


I hope you guys liked this simple DIY sink faucet makeover! It cost less than $20 & about 2 hours of paint + dry time. The end result is a fresh fixture for summer!! 

HAPPY Thursday!
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