Tuesday, May 24, 2016

{ 8 Simple ways to Dress up the Outside of your Home Wherever You Live!! }

Heyy guys!! It's been such a sunny & happy week! As you probably already know I've been sprucing up the outside of our home both in the front & back areas..slowly, but surely! I was out shopping for some greenery at +Hobby Lobby {50% today} with a friend & something dawned on me...Not everyone has a space out front to plant large flowers, shrubbery, put a huge patio set etc.. I mean we only have a little space out front, & I love it!! I got to thinking of some simple, but creative ways people who live in apartments, condominiums, townhouses, etc.. could dress up the front of their home to cozy it up & make it feel more inviting or personalized. By front this could even mean your balcony, stoop or just by your front door. Not all of these will work for every space, but most will & simply!!

- H a n g i n g  P l a n t s -

These are that staple item that just about any kind of home whether it's a townhouse or mansion can have haha! You could hang them on the balcony, in front of the window or if you have a little front patio by there! They're easy to move around, take little care / space & can add instant charm & life to an outdoor space!!

- B e n c h e s -

Benches are awesome not only for space saving ,but a lot of them can add extra storage too. Many people who live in apartments or condos have balconies & large tables just aren't practical! Benches however are usually pretty narrow & many of the bottoms can double as storage for other items! We use a little rustic bench outside our front entryway for that added charm/seating, but also because it's more feasible than a little bistro set or chairs etc..

- W r e a t h s -

Ahh one of my most favorite items to use to brighten up just about ANY space!! I'm like the "wreath queen" haha & it's because they can add so much charm & add some personality to a space instantly! They take up little to no space, are easy to move & be used in so many different spots! If you live in an apartment then a wreath is the way to go!! Pop one on the door & you've just added instant character for seasons & holidays!

- D o o r m a t s -

This is another given for places like apartments, condominiums or townhouses! You can easily place a mat down that shows your style or help liven up a space with a fun doormat. They're simple, affordable & take little space! This along with the wreaths was one of the ways I used to "dress" up our common area / door entrance when we lived in our condo!!

- P o t s -

Pots are awesome for little stoops, tiny entrances or even smaller patio's/ balconies! If you want some green areas in your outside area then pots are the way to go!!! They're easy to maintain, come in all styles & keep everything organized & simple! Even smaller pots filled with smaller plants would look nice outside a small condo front etc.. 

- D e c o r -

Decor such as watering cans, or even little welcome signs can add that warmth to any small entrance or front home area!! A simple watering can filled with some long stem real or faux flowers add that instant inviting feel without being obnoxious in a small space! I love the yard "welcome" sign above too. If you don't have a yard , flowerbed etc.. to stick this kind of one in you could use a pot with flowers & stick it in there outside your front entrance! 

- L i g h t i n g

Lighting is that essential items that can bring life to just about any space! Think about it, lighting can either kill a space if it's bad, or can turn a space into a whimsical & bright inviting space it it's done correctly!! Again, I know not everyone has the space or entrance to add/switch great lighting..or even can if you own a condo or rent an apartment! With that being said simple light posts can add that charm & help add light without getting into wiring etc..Many of these little light stands come solar or battery operated etc... They add that needed light & charm to any home entrance, balcony, porch & more!!

I hope I have given you some great ideas for smaller or unconventional outdoor entrances!! I mean not everyone has a huge front space, yard or garden! With some of these touches it's sure to help your guest feel welcomed!! 

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