Tuesday, April 2, 2019

{ How to get Garden Greenhouse Style }

Hey pals! Thanks for popping back in with me today..It's been a busy one but as I'm typing this post up I can't help but think about upcoming warm months, vacation & flea markets!! Yesterday was a big blow for me personally after leaving the doctor's with more appointments but I'm trying to just look forward to the fun things coming up. I also know I need to take more " me time" & just enjoy the ride. I wanted to pop on here today to share something I get asked & well just because I thought I'd help all you spring/ summer decorators. I mean this is my job to help & inspire you all authenticity & thriftly...{ is that a word } ha....you get it. So, today I'm sharing - How to get Garden Greenhouse style- !!!


Okay, this is an obvious tip, but be sure to use many different types of greens & plants/ flowers. The more the merrier & the textures & color variations help give that old cozy chippy white greenhouse feel.
▪︎▪︎ For an extra greenhouse style tip you can use plant markers. I got these white ones for $5 in a pack of 20.

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This is one of my favorite tips & super THRIFTY too. You can buy tons of terracotta pots for super cheap at Dollar Tree or Michaels. They last forever, the more they age the cozier more gardenyyy they look & they add that pop of color with the greenery.

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This is the 1 tip that was newer to me a few years back. I always looked at galvanized items as more industrial, which they are too but also garden style as well. Vintage garden tools, trays, olive buckets- ANYTHING!

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This is probably the most unique tip, but bring in the tools for gardening for staging. You can get them at Target & they're super cute & add that greenhouse look. Don't be afraid to bring the outdoors in. I also use mine indoors when I'm replanting or moving plants.


This brings in texture, but most importantly warmth & a natural element. The chippier the wood the better..at least that's what I think. Any rich or distressed wood furniture, planters, signs etc..

Well that completes this little guide to everything cozy spring greenhouse... Do you like this style? Or incorporate these tips in your home already? I know it's not everyone's style but I hope you got a little springtime inspiration anyway.

Happy Wednesday!

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