Monday, March 14, 2016

{ Simple & Free Vintage Inspired Man Office Nook! }

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We started Friday off with some spring cleaning inside & a lot outside as the weather was pretty decent & spring like here in Michigan! We cleaned/raked the whole backyard & I even decorated the front porch with some neutral weather approved goodies until spring is officially here! After cleaning the yard & garage out we washed the jeep & truck & decided to tackle another little project!! So if you've been following the blog or any of my social media outlets { Left side bar of blog if you're interested } you'd know my husband just started his own business! He's been doing home preservation/maintenance/foreclosures for sometime { 9 years } & decided it was time to branch out & get his own name etc..I'm not going to lie it's been rocky starting his business ,but I know he's got this. Anyways since starting his own branch out he's needed his own office space..This is where it kind of gets tricky..So I know I'll get questions like " Don't you have two spare rooms?" "Won't that space be loud ?" , and simply " WHY THERE ?" Okay, so we decided to put his office nook in the laundry room..Yup, the laundry room. Our laundry room is about 15x15 so it's a pretty decent space to begin with. It's not fully finished, but it's clean & very functional. We decided to put his little nook in there because he's in there a lot hahahah crazy I know! In the morning he's in there getting ready for work { he's got all his work clothes in there } his bathroom across the hall & when he gets home he comes in the back door & goes directly down there to change/shower & grab  clothes { I do separate laundry for his work clothes... } ! We thought about putting his office upstairs by redoing the dog room, but it just didn't make sense. We have our room, the doggy room & then our guest room. We wanted to keep the guest room nice & the dog room strictly for the animals. Not only was that one of the issues, but the fact that he would have to truck through our house instead of just coming in the back of the house like he usually does & boom there's the little nook while he changes & showers! He didn't need or want anything big { My husband is super simple }, but something fresh & functional  so that just what we did!

I'm kind of obsessed how this little space turned out!! Like I said above it's clean, fresh & man approved!! Everything we used in this space other than the mini filing boxes from +Target / little accessories were FREE finds that we shopped in our own garage!!! That's right we pulled this whole space together from free vintage finds we had stashed in the garage. I guess sometimes it's nice to clean out a space & use what's on hand right?!

The stool, wood buffet/desk, black shelf, trash can & wire baskets were all free treasures!! 

I kept this little took pretty simple accessorie wise..I love this vintage trash can..I wish we would have kept the other one we had grrr #mistake! The stool is perfect & adjustable for him..The tennis rackets are also vintage. I decided to hang them on that wood planked door for some added vintage office charm. Although my husband played football not tennis he actually loves tennis { we used to play }..thinking we should get back into it at the park.. 

P.S. That door leads to a storage closet that runs the length of the laundry room.  Also that huge black shelf isn't just for looks, but will be used!! He has tons of keys & sunglasses etc..& in the summer will definitely come in handy for easy grab & go access!

We had two of these vintage glass windows that reminded me of a 1920's legal office ... It was perfect for what we were going for, so I used some black paint & wrote " office" on it. It needs a little touching up , but it's imperfectly perfect for the neutral, yet cozy vintage look we were going for. Although it's part of the laundry room it's pretty comfy { our washer & dryer are the Cabrio Platinum } & they're pretty quiet.. & it's carpeted so no worries on the noise.

This is the other part of the laundry room..I'll be doing a full post..maybe & yes it pretty much does look like this most of the time. Our shoot is located in my office on the other side of the lower level in a custom made little nook as well so the laundry isn't strong all over. I like to keep up on the laundry so rarely is it all over. This may be my ocd hahaha! 

I really hope this gave all of you some inspiration if you're needing a little office & can't figure out a spot. I know my hubby loves this little space & he can be as MESSY as he wants hahah.. Score right?! As always thanks so much for stopping in, following, sharing & commenting!! Have a happy & healthy week everyone!