Monday, February 22, 2016

{ DIY Indoor Spring Potting Table }

Happy Tuesday! Hoping Monday was good to you guys..I spent the whole day cleaning, finishing laundry { Random fact about me, I hate stagnant laundry in the house soo it's constant } & decorating / photographing this cute little spring DIY! If you're from the north then you know it's dropped in temps again & we all got a bit teased with the possibility of an early spring..but come on lets be real IT'S MICHIGAN haha! I've been craving spring & have been feeling a bit bored with some stuff in our living room { makeover coming soon } so I added a little DIY faux potting table :)! Another random fact, but I'm obsessed with potting benches! I just love the look of them, even though ironically I'm the worst gardener ever...Ask my mom she pops over every summer to pull my weeds " I missed..#ocd ha" & water my plants that I've either under-watered or soaked..poor little guys don't stand a chance with me :/. I've had this table that we found for free & I kind of love it in it's rustic worn ways.. I've had it for a few months & thought I'd give it one last hurrah moment in it's natural state before I sell, paint or move it. Come take a peek at this super simple faux spring potting bench look & how to make one yourself with some simple garden supplies..

This potting bench could be done by anyone!! You can use just about any table..taller the better. Add some faux or real greenery, wire baskets, pots, gloves or anything garden-ish & boom done! :) I would try the Dollar Tree for the above things ;).

This was the simplest DIY ever..well actually basically like all of my post. You guys know I love a good practical & on the cheap DIY. The runner is from +Target  for $3 & pots are from the dollar store. That mason jar lamp is a DIY  if you're interested --->  Mason Jar Lamp Makeover & the wire baskets were both free finds.

You guys probably already know this about me, but I loveeee these vintage crocks! This is my whole collection with the exception of two others I'm using in other spots in the house. They were ALL free finds. I obviously used faux greenery from +IKEA USA  & +Michaels Stores . This table sits really high up, so I wanted something to fill the bottom & these just happen to work. This whole faux potting bench cost a whole $3 for the runner..everything else I had! I'm serious when I say I shuffle goods constantly in the house. Don't get me wrong there are times I have toooo, or just want to buy new decor goods & do, but  nothing that's insanely priced etc..

I switched out the ladder in our dining room a few weeks back for this -->DIY Farmhouse Tea Towel Art & just stuck the little ladder on this chippy frame gallery wall. I went to move it today to photograph & ended up loving it actually!! P.S. that wire basket is one of my absolute favorite free finds!!!

Yummiest smelling candle ever from +T.J.Maxx  . I wish it had a name on it though.. It was on sale for $8..I think I mentioned this in another post.


What do you think about having a faux little potting bench inside until the real spring arrives? I love the idea of the cheer it brings for spring & Easter!!! Wishing you all the best Tuesday wherever you are. Thanks again for stopping by my little practical blog.