Saturday, February 6, 2021

{ DIY Antique Brass Wash Tub }

 Hey pals welcome back to TQS! So a few weeks ago I shared our laundry room remodel..Well after I shared it I got quite a few nessages inquiring about our wash tub & also comments as to why I didn't show much?! Well, that was for a specific reason actually...I wanted to do a whole write up on the DIY  of it & actually break everything down for you! It's become one of my most favorite & of course simple DIY projects to date! 

Backup to before we did this diy..I had this vision of an old vintage cottage antique laundry room with lots of brass, greenery, soaps + brushes, and just an overall clean washing space! Anways I got this idea in my head about this tub for a few reasons...Keep reading below to find out why we did this & more importantly HOW!



▪︎ Appliance Epoxy in Black {3}
▪︎ Rust-oleum Satin Clear Enamel {1}
▪︎ Brass metalic in satin by Modern Masters { 2 }


The brass & black add so much charm & for under $50! We originally were going to buy a new black tub because of a small hole ,but unfortunately it was back ordered 3 weeks, so we got handy & I'm so glad we did! The industrial brass charm is magical & adds so much charm to this space! 


This was seriously one of the easiest tutorials of all time! I first scrubbed the tub clean by using a light sand paper & brillo pad with some Dawn dish soap. I rinsed & dried every inch meticulously.  I layerd old towels over the washer + dryer & opened a window.. I applied the first coat & waited the appropriate time & sprayed the next 2. After the tub was sprayed I started with the brass paint! I used a small soft brush & applied even coats & about 3 layers { this paint goes on like butter & goes a long way }. After everything was dried I sprayed the clear enamel over everything { the Epoxy there is no need } but for added protection I did!! The brass paint needed the clear enamel to harden & prevent peeling or chipping as it's a decorative paint mostly! I used about 3 coats of the enamel & everything hardened & turned out glorious! It's seriously that simple!! 

•Side Note: wear a mask while spraying!

We do a TON of laundry & it's held up against bleach & dirt like a champ! I recommend keeping an extra of each product or leftover for any down the road touch-ups needed if any!!


I hope this tutorial helps you & you try it! It honestly is remarkable the difference & simplicity! 
● You can see the whole Laundry Room Makeover HERE

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