Wednesday, March 22, 2023

{ Warm Spring Cottage Dining Room }


  Well....that was a long 6 month break! Not in 9 years have I ever taken that long of a break from my blog. If you would like an update scroll back to the most recent post & all the details are there. I honestly can't let my mind go back to the last year because it's too much emotional baggage to process over & over.. Today though is a happy & uplifting post. Come see my simple spring dining room here:  HERE


So to be honest and completely transparent with you guys I have had a long hard two years & my home had reflected that. Last weekend I forced myself to get up, clean, purge & blog! This huge cabinet got a nice wipe down & then I got inspired to blog this little bit of decor I put out. I wish I could go into detail about what happened in two years, but it's sad, shocking & I'm just now starting to somewhat get my life back after it exploding then imploding at the hands of someone else. 
I kept this cabinet super simple with some vintage woods crates, serving dishes & some collected treasures along the way like the mason jars from Maine. 

These faux stems weren't cheap & I splurged on them,  but I knew at the time that I would have them for a bit & 3 years later they're still one of my favorites to use because of the quality & height.

I decided to move these chairs in here for summer because the parson slipcover ones are large in the dining room for summer!  I also removed the large jute 12x12 rug that was in here & opted for something smaller & with more texture. I know ill get asked, so the rug is from @target online about 4 years ago.

It's far from perfect, but much better & super fresh/ clean. I have more spaces lined up to display here on the blog once I get started blogging again on the regular. I work out of the home in health care now that it's just me & animals , so my time is placed all over the map these days. Financial  situation is also a little different, but I'm hoping to grow this little passion back to what it was again with even bigger gains this time.

I hope you enjoyed this updated post! Thank you for sticking along with me when times were amazing, good, rough, horrible & now just new. You guys are amazing & i'm forever grateful!