Sunday, August 16, 2020

{ Meet our New Rescue Dog }

Today, August 17th is my 33rd birthday! I feel so old & actually a bit weird saying that....33?! Anyways today is going to be an emotional post because I'm sharing our new rescue- Sugar with you all!! 

Well, where do I start? This weekend was a whirlwind but in the best way { minus my vertigo migraine today }. 
•Story: Wednesday night my husband came across a young female pit being given away on Craigslist...She was being kept outside in a horrible part of town in the heat with minimal care while flies chewed her ears! We jumped into action & started trying to secure her..Easier said than done! It took 48hrs & $175 to get her on Friday evening.  I was scared for my life pulling into the area not knowing it wasn't safe. Thankfully 3 friends accompanied behind me until we secured her. 
WELCOME- S U G A R to our brown pibble pack!!

  • She's 6 months
  • Never been inside 
  • Was used as a "guard dog"
  • Doesn't know what dog food is
  • Not spayed { yet }
  • Colby Red Nose mix
  • 40lbs
  • Great with our other two pit rescues
  • Brown & white
  • Super lovable 

I was able to quickly grab my camera to capture a few shots!! Sugar is on the left up top! Loving her new brown pibble brothers!

 First  night home was stormy, so we piled them in our clean bed at 5am!

• in order•
Sugar {6 months}, Stew {6} & Swartz {2}

I hope you enjoyed this meet of our
new baby! I'll be updating you all soon! •• Do you have a rescue animal? If so, let me know in the comments!!

HAPPY Monday!
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