Tuesday, April 26, 2016

{ DIY Thrifty BARN DOOR Divider }

EEEK, I'm so so excited to share this post with you guys!! I've been wanting to finish this project in our dining room for so long & it finally was completed 2 week's ago , and today is the reveal! So a little back story on why we wanted to hang this 1940's vintage barn door in our dining room..We have two big rescue dogs & a bunny. The bunny { Mr. Wibbles} stays in my office downstairs & sometimes we don't want Stinker & Stew downstairs without us. We have used a generic $10 baby gate since we moved to this house & let me tell you it's been ANNOYING & I may have tripped/ fell/ knocked it over 1000x!! We had this barn door in our treasure pile & have been wanting to hang it for the last year..You know that thing called life happens & we got distracted with business things, family stuff etc.. Two weekends ago we had some free time so I had my lovely husband hang it for us. It's an authentic vintage barn door that my husband found free on a job site..{ he finds the best treasures- Thanks, Mark ;)! }. It's old, & isn't perfect by any means, but that's what gives it that barn / farmhouse charm. The track, handle, nails & basically everything is original.. Come see this massive barn door & all of its glory!

The door is super heavy & like I said above has many flaws, but is also very functional for what we use it as- a room divider/barrier. Right where the door closes at was a pocket door that closes the dining room from the back door & basement area. The previous owners tiled it in :(... I love the divider & it keeps the dogs out when need be. 

How To:
The track is original as well as the wheels, so they had to be greased up A LOT!! One part on the track is bent a bit { it's too old to be disturbed }, but again it gives that cozy farmhouse charm I crave so much. My husband leveled the track & drilled some special screws into each hole on the track & then we both lifted this beast onto the track..Seriously it was SUPER SIMPLE and HEAVY hahaha. This project with the chalkboard paint cost under $20!!!!!

This is the original handle/lock & I loved it so much to pull back & forth, I think I may keep it!!!!!

I wanted to keep the decor super simple on the dining room side, so I just added a vintage white apron that was my great grandpa's , a tea towel & simple wreath. I can't wait to play around with this for holidays etc..

Side Note: The Tea towel is from +HomeGoods , the greenery is from +IKEA USA & the tote is from +Michaels Stores . The picnic basket was free vintage find.

I love the old nail beading at the top & bottom..The charm goes on forever with this door. The stories it probably could tell ;).

I added the chalkboard paint to the wall so when the door is pulled the wall isn't completely bare. The door sits super close to the wall so this was the best option & neutral/ easy to work with. I also added some clear stick-on rubber grippers to the back of the door so it doesn't scratch anything. 

I wanted to jazz up that chalkboard square, so I lined it with some silver thumb tacks for a more custom industrial framed look. This whole project was super easy, thrifty & now so functional!!! I really hope you guys love this & gather some inspiration..I mean this was from junk..I'm still amazed a bit. Let me know what you think of this project below!:)

Have a lovely Wednesday friends!

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