Tuesday, August 18, 2015

{ DIY $10 MAP ART!! }

Happy almost Wednesday all!! It's been a great few days celebrating my birthday & shopping, of course shopping haha! This weekend the hubs & I went to the cutest tavern event for needy dogs, and got to spend time with a family member we haven't saw in ages!! My mom & sister took me on the cutest little shopping spree on my actual birthday { Monday } & I loved every second of it!! You guys know I just love the quaint little towns with the cutest little gifts, but I also LOVE IKEA ;)! After our little junkin adventures in some of my favorite spots we headed to IKEA for some moreee shopping & lunch. I ended up picking up some cute things & one of those items was a $10 map { Thanks mom } ha!  I've been wanting a map for sometime now, but haven't found any that were worth buying..but this one was perfect & CHEAP! I got home & had no idea where I was going to put it... Yup, I just buy things & just go with it haha!! Today I just bummed around the house due to my back & then it hit me...stick it on the frame wall for a 3d  asymmetrical like art piece!!! I didn't want to just hang it like everyone else, that's way easy & boring, so I came up with this & LOVEEEE it!! First I called my BFA artsy sister & got her opinion, stared at it more & then decided it was staying!! 

The frames, map & cabinet/ baskets all go so lovely together! The cabinet is from +HomeGoods  !! The lamp is actually a mason jar  that I didn't like it with this decor, so I just turned it around to the plain side. The DIY lamp tutorial is on the blog listed in  { Popular Posts } on the right side of the blog if you're interested!

I love how the blue/grey accent wall looks with it!!! It's different & that's what I love!! I tried putting this in other spots in our home, but honestly it just got lost & with a frame, it was too traditional! 

Side Note: I'm on the hunt for a huge rustic wood frame, for another location ;) !

I used some 3m to hang the map. It seriously { Like all my projects } was super simple & practical!! It took me all of 5 minutes to hang this!  

** The frames were all thrifts or free finds!!

I hope you guys love this little DIY!! Now to point out all the places I want to see { Oh, honeyyyy haha;)} !! 
Have a great rest of the week & end to the summer everyone!

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