Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{ Our Vintage Clothespin Painted Scale }

Hey, all! I shared with you guys a few weeks ago about a little vintage scale my dear mum picked up for me while thrifting up north, well it's finally done!!! I ended up just rubbing some cream chalk paint over some spots that I wanted to highlight!  The scale is completely rusted out, at that's the farmhouse charm right?! Although, I don't mind the rustic & vintage appeal I did despise those sloppy cream numbers that someone quickly marked on. I decided to lightly go over the front with cream chalk paint using a sponge brush to make it appear somewhat rustic ,yet clean looking. I also marked over the dial with some fresh black ink, & some new numbers. It's not perfect & that's the charm. It goes wonderfully in our farmhouse/cottage/glam 'inspired' kitchen if you will he-he! Enjoy guys!


Some simple yet effective materials.

I had to get 'creative' & mark the numbers somehow , so I spotted these for $3 { mini clothespins} at Michaels, so I decided to use them as space markers for the numbers while I painted!


I rubbed a few places with some dark antique wax lightly too..

The numbers were quite the task! I tried to distress a few here & there for aging !!