Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{ A R H A U S...is AMAZING! }

This past weekend my husband & I traveled over to Ann Arbor for some shopping, exploring & lunch! For those who read my blog and are out out of state Ann Arbor is a charming  city home to all the University of Michigan fans & students!! "AA" is known for its charming unique feeling, shopping & great eats! We decided to go on a little day of exploring and found ourselves in a cute newer urban-ish plaza { Arbor Hills Crossing } ! We spotted some places we wanted to shop @ right away & then we spotted ARHAUS!! I knew as soon as I pulled in front of it I was going to be blown away by the lovely building design & architecture, but what was inside was soo much better! We walked through the front door & the huge two story windows flooded the first floor with bright spring sunshine hitting all the wonderful unique furniture pieces....#HAPPYPLACE!!


Photo Credit : The Quaint Sanctuary

I loved this rustic glam goth inspired display!! The couch was so comfortable & the detail was gorgeous! 

This was on the second floor where I fell in love with pretty much everything including the building design & bathroom...Yes, even the bathroom was amazing!!

How cool & cozy does this rustic chic bed look!?

My favorite part of the entire store was the massive fireplace! It's the fireplace you always dream of having when you're older...or wait is that just me!? I loved the simple large rustic,yet traditional appeal!! 

The idea of a large bench like this for a table is so comfy & functional!! Think of how many quest you could have over & accommodate on the easy!!

One of my favorite things upstairs was this table, decor & the nifty bottle chandelier...I need that for-sure ;) !!

Big thanks to my darling husband for finding this place for us!!! It's such a unique store with so many displays to look at & gain inspiration for just about any taste! The first thing I thought was it was a Pottery Barn x 10!!  They offer over 50 stores & most of the items are handmade or made from recycled product! If you have the chance definitely stop in & admire all the goodies!