Thursday, January 22, 2015

{ Our Valentine's Day Mantel & more... }

As I sit here writing this post & looking at this picture I can't help but laugh!! This is us in a nutshell on the daily! We're two loony love birds working our way through life & goals one step & sometimes two at a time ;) ! True believers in 'Love Conquers All '!  We want to wish you all lots of humbling love this Valentine's Day!

Now for some Valentines decor! If you've been following my blog or my other social media sites you'd know that I'm not one to decorate for Valentine's Day for any other little holidays...but this year I couldn't resist !! I picked up  3 wood frames from Michaels { $1 each} & painted them with some grey & blue mixed chalk paint & made some white pipe-cleaner hearts & added some little treasures . I knew exactly what I was going for decorating our Valentines mantel..old vintage with a  romantic touch!


I wanted the frames to have the vintage look so I went with all black & white photos with the film strip tops! 

 Some Lovey Dovey M + P !

What's Valentine's Day without some champagne , flowers & old pictures? The little champagne candle is one of my treasured  items, it's from our wedding & smells  of delicious vanilla & coconut !

The flowers are also a very treasured gift we received from my dear grams for our first little condo back in 2008! They're absolutely beautiful & they light up!!!

 A few photos from us over the years.. ;)

Mark, Paige, Charlotte, Stinker & Stewart


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{ Choosing the right Headboard to Anchor your bedroom ! }

Hey guys!! Today I'm sharing a little post about headboards! If you remember last week I made-over my sister's bedroom -->Olivia's Room Makeover!  with some lovely new accessories ,but the one thing she was lacking was a headboard. In most rooms the headboard or bed frame is the focal point & what anchors the space. She stated she wanted one,but was still trying to find one she actually liked or would work in her space ! Today I'm sharing some fabulous headboard eye candy from a few different places! Keep reading & be sure to check out the attached links for some great ideas! 

1. _  Rustic Headboard _

I love the rustic appeal of this Headboard by Cookes . The texture,color & design would be perfect with her granny chic decor!The burlap wood look would pull in with the handmade wood sign above her bed  & give that almost whimsical garden feel! It's perfect for dressing up a room with tons of color ,or for a room with more neutral & natural decor! The bold & square look would coordinate well with the room design ,& wall decor without looking or feeling to heavy!

2. _ Cozy & Sophisticated Headboard _

I'm impressed with the cozy, yet sophisticated look of this Headboard by Pottery Barn /storage combo! I know my sister needs all the storage she can possibly get with it being as organized as possible! Drawers keep the clutter organized & minimized! This headboard gives that mature feeling  with still having that young professional charisma about it!

3. _ Simple Headboard  _

The laid back eclectic feel of this Headboard by Urban Outfitters would also work great in her space. It's simple , & yet has an artsy flair ! The simple rails pull in the antique feel without it being outdated . This frame reminds me of an urban fairy-tale with its dainty & simple design!


** I was sponsored for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

{ Cabinet highlight with chalk paint }

I've said this before, but when I need to clear my head or I'm bored the furniture or some part of our house gets a makeover ! The other day I was sick of looking at this little cabinet { Which I love } in our living room knowing that I've been wanting to highlight & distress some of the beautiful detail on it! I got this cabinet back in the summer from a thrift store up north { Thanks to my mom & dad } & knew I wanted to put it in the living room. It's a neat little piece with two cute secret little drawers & I loved the wood coloring, but knew I wanted to add some cream or white I did-FINALLY!!

I took some Annie Sloan in ' Old Ochre' & mixed it with some Basic brand bright white & applied it to the raised & detailed parts . After that mix dried I took a Brillo pad & lightly went over the parts with the paint on. This brought up the natural grain & color in the wood & mixed in with  the chalk paint color. On some of the lighter spots that looked to 'painted' & less 'aged' I applied some brown wax over!  The final process was to take a damp rag & wipe over the cabinet for a almost kind of milky finish!

Have a great week guys!!


Persia Lou

30 Handmade Days

11 Magnolia Lane


Sunday, January 4, 2015

{ New after holiday decor in the dining & living room!! }

You all know how I feel about the month of January...Well this year I decided to change both the kitchen & the dining room up after all the Christmas decor was put away! We finally decided that we needed/wanted to switch out the black square IKEA table for our wooden round country one. I didn't think I was going to like it very much,but once we got in & I decorated it surprisingly seems to make the room larger even with being a tad bit longer! We also swapped our cream rolling cart for a more industrial/rustic shelf- which I LOVE!!

 Cozy cottage ..& thanks to my lovely mum for making that cute tan checkered bow on the wreath!!
Fun little fact..that wood center piece is part of the new piece that we { Mr. Markie } took out to accommodate the trash bin & the doggies water bowl!!
I love these carved wood fruit pieces { Thrift} & the white roses my dear grams made for our first home { they light up } !!

Trying to figure out what color to paint the top of the table or base, but not both..something light & easy to distress- stay tuned!

This piece I'm in love with right now,& bonus it was a trash find!
Still debating if I'll chalk paint it or leave it..who knows with me! Suggestions welcome!!


In the living room we swapped our old leather sectional for an IKEA Ektorp sectional & ottoman! I was concerned with having two dogs and how a fabric sectional would hold up compared to leather..lets just say I'm pleasantly far! I love that you can switch & wash the covers so easily & the different  colors/fabrics are nice to change with the season etc..

The cream burlap curtains are from Target & the Striped white & grey/blue-y ones are from IKEA! 

I can't explain the look I was going for other then the laid back cozy pajama { Ha-Ha } look with cooler wintery tones..browns,blues,greys & whites !

Cozy little corner to read some magazines  & by the way that IKEA candle smells delicious  like vanilla & babies hehe!

Thinking about adding some cream chalk paint to the detail on this little cabinet sometime very soon ;) !

Hope you have enjoyed our new winter living room & kitchen look!!! Wishing you all a very fun & decorative start to the new year!
30 Handmade Days 

Persia Lou


{ Olivia's Room Redo }

Hey guys!! I'm so excited to be sharing this little on a budget room makeover with you!  I wanted to get the post up sooner ,but our internet was down :/ ! So today I'm sharing with you how I redid my sisters bedroom for under $85 !! She had an eclectic mix of some of her favorite items , bohemian goods & her lovely artwork mixed in with light orange walls. We decided to use  IKEA as our place to buy the goods she needed like curtains, decorative pillows, & a few accessories! She explained she wanted a 'Granny Chic' type of style bedroom ,so what better place then IKEA for some lacey pots, flower pillows etc..




All five of the pillows are from @IKEA! The white & grey puzzle piece pillows were $1.49 a piece!! 

The sign we made from some wood I had in the basement. In her writing she wrote out what she wanted then we used a Dremel tool to engrave the wood. After we did that I took some white paint on a sponge brush & went with the upward grain of the wood & 'swept' it on.  After that was dry I used some dark wax & applied it to the engraved part of the lettering, then took white & highlighted the letters. The final part of the was to add some cream chalk paint { Annie Sloan in Old Ochre } for the effect I was going for.

The white & stainless storage boxes are also from IKEA, $6.99 /2 ! 

The plush white throw was a whopping $3.99! Side Note : I need one!!!

The dried hydrangeas, dark brown rug & mason jar were all items I had for her room. The sheer gauzey curtains were also purchased at IKEA- $15.00/2 ! The tan grommet curtains I also had! 

Breakdown on the items in the room that were purchased! 

2 lace pots
3 candles
2 packs of curtains
5 pillows
1 throw
4 storage bins 
2 flower inserts
For under $85!!

Have a great week everyone!


30 Handmade Days