Monday, March 25, 2019

{ Simple Tips to Revive Dying House Plants }

Soooo happy Tuesday!! It's bright & sunny here in Michigan, and spring is definitely trying to peep through this long winter of ours! What's not bright are my house plants...The time has finally come where they're looking a little sad, a little dead & a little "off" ha. Right now I have 2 Lemon Button Ferns, 1 Lily & 1 Ivy.. I did a bit of research today to try & save my four babies hahaha..Surprisingly they're super simple tips also some reasons why your beloved house plant may be dying....I mean I'm in NO WAY a plant lady or gardener AT ALL, but I have come to love these four plants & two of which are a year old!!!! Can you believe that?!?

 Top reasons your plants are dying...

• Overwatering
▪ Too much sunlight
• Underwatering
▪ Too little Sunlight
• Root rot


Root Root / Overwatering:

1. If your plants have root rot the key is to replant! The roots will look yellow or fungus ridden if so.  Let the plant dry out a bit then replant in new soil with insecticide. Be sure you're letting the plants drain properly & you're letting them dry a bit before each new watering. 

Too Much Sun / Underwatering:

2. Give the plant a nice soak. The leaves will look crispy & droopy. If the plant is severely dehydrated you can soak the plant in the sink. Let cool/warm water saturate it then place back in pot with a drainage pan.  

 Too Little Sun: 

3. Most indoor plants are fine with minimal sun & simple watering.  If they're not getting enough sun they will stretch & drop leaves or reach outward/ thin out.

Ohh I really hope this tiny & simple article gives your plants a little love & hope if they're struggling. I never thought I'd be soo into keeping plants alive, but here we are ha. I'll keep you posted, but 1 more question for you guys...Do YOU have any tips for me??? I'm still learning & will openly take ANY!!

Happy Tuesday!

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