Friday, June 23, 2017

{ Stunning -Maine- Home & Landscape Tour }

Well hello everyone & welcome back!! If you've been following me on my social media outlets { located on left sidebar of blog } you'd know I took a road trip up the New England coast with a friend & my sister this past week!! I visited Maine when I was 14 & fell in love, so I waned to revisit & that's just what I did! I've always had an obsession with the East coast & all its old world charm, delicious seafood & charming homes galore!! I had some messages on Instagram as to where I was at etc.. so I thought I would do a few posts & the first being some gorgeous home inspiration & scenic views of everything New England & essentially what Maine entails!!  I think the main thing that caught my eye the most was the gorgeous historical homes & the abundant greenery & flowers in just about every yard in Kennebunk etc.. It must be all the humidity or salt from the ocean ha! Anyways come see this charming little glimpse of my past 4 days in good ole Maine!  


  • Cape Elizabeth

I love that most of the historical homes were left just as they would have somewhat looked back in the late 1700's & 1800's! This white colonial style with the simple flag stopped me in my tracks! It's so simple, yet historical looking...

  •  Kennebunk Beach

The tide had just came in & I wanted to capture the magnificent downtown Kennebunkport town & all of it's glory. All the little shops are on stilts & raised, definitely something to see, and quite frankly a bit scary!!

This was a candid shot my dear sister got of me admiring the flowers in downtown! We has just stopped for Ice Cream on the hill in the quaint little Ben & Jerry's & of course I had to stop & look at my surroundings ha!

I mentioned via my social media, but the salt marshes even as a kid were always my favorite! They're absolutely beautiful & magical/cozy all in one! The houses that were on them were out of this world..& I have to admit something...every time I would see a salt marsh & landscapes like this I would look for wildlife/ moose sightings haha..Only me!
** Be sure to check back for a full post on the best Antiquing/ places to visit while in Maine!

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