Thursday, February 5, 2015

{ Thanks for Choosing Me, Charlotte ! }

- RIP - CHARLOTTE - 2007 -2015 -

>> Binks ,Nudges & Kneads …My dear Charlotte.

<< You were  there surrounding me when I was sick, sad, happy & proud. I’ll miss your grumbling purr & twitching bunny nose, but most of all I’ll miss you.

>> You were my late night buddy, office mascot, & most of all my friend. Your sweet & soft lovable & plush body was always the light to my day, even when it was dark. Learning to care & love you was one of the best gifts I've been granted. Thank you for choosing me.

<< I’m writing this letter with pools of tears in my eyes ...- my office is so lonely without you... you were the ULTIMATE PET.

>> First love into our lives transitioning from young crazy kids to mature adults finding our way through life. You were there to celebrate our first place, our wedding, & all of our crazy home improvements; you even helped get me through college.

 << You were more then just a ‘bunny’, but my friend & baby!

>> I’ll miss & love you forever & always, Charlotte from Charlotte, MI. 

Love, M & P