Friday, September 4, 2015

{ DIY Neutral $1 Fall Inspired Wall Decor }

Happy weekend everyone!!  It's been some not so great weather for us folks here in the north! I'm ready for everything fall, but that's no surprise since once September 1st hits it's all I can literally think about hahaha..Ya, I know what you all are thinking " She's jumping the gun"..but I love fall & like to enjoy it as much as possible before the truck loads of snow { which I don't mind}!! Truth be told that's how I've always been in life ..always 2 steps ahead of everything & honestly I've been trying to work on that & enjoy the simple things in life & most of all my wonderful hubby & our fur babes aka the "pigbulls"!! This month is our anniversary month { 6 years } & & we also share an anniversary  on my  late papa's { Grandpa's } birthday, just another reason to LOVE September & everything it brings!! Anyways, today I'm sharing some simple & super cheap fall wall decor that literally anyone can make & use.. I shared a picture via IG a few days back & today I'm sharing how. It's neutral & festive - Yes, please!!! 

So this was the before..Not that I hated it or anything, I just wanted something more neutral for the living room! I usually always go neutral in the house & blast the outside with festive color haha! I also couldn't leave these as they were because of the wording on both..just didn't go for the space!

I used some cream chalk paint I had from  +Michaels Stores can use any type of paint. I prefer chalk paint because it's thick & dries super fast..& let's be honest I'm super impatient !! Both of these pieces came with faux attached leaves too that I deconstructed & decided just to leave the neutral twine bows instead!

There is a little tiny whole where the hanging string was & I just used that to hang them..the nail fit perfectly into it..they do hang a bit off the wall so I may use a 3m or two..typical Paige style LOL!

Side Note: The furniture piece is from +HomeGoods  & the metallic pumpkins were another Dollar Tree DIY! The lamp is actually the DIY mason jar lamp I did & I just turned it around towards the wall & added a thrifty brown shade!!!

I love how the cream paint, wicker baskets & the burlap on the art pull together!! The distressed chicken wire basket was a free find my hubby found the day I hung these. I needed something so bad for the space & boom he walks in with this from work ..He's the best!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY!! I'm hoping this weekend is nice so I can get started out front on our little porch!! I'm ready for this moist / humid weather to be gone..I'm curious what  you guys up to on this holiday weekend?? 

Happy & healthy weekend!!