Monday, December 16, 2019

{ Our 2019 Christmas Card }

Every year for the past 8 years or so I've sent out Christmas cards! It's an annual tradition that we do & I'm a stickler about it haha. It's  fun for us to get ready  for the theme that year & have nice cozy winter pictures taken or if I'm feeling really ambitious,  I'll shoot them! This year was super relaxed & I decided to set up & photograph them!! We decorated our little candy apple red wood barn, got winter ready & took pictures!! It was the funniest shoot we've ever done to be honest haha. Laid back, cozy & the day ended with a dinner & shopping with our niece!!  I love doing these Christmas cards each year because it's a way to connect with our Florida family & relatives we don't see often & you guys my pals!!!! A tradition I hope never ends...Come take a peek at our 2019 card below..


I simply added some twinkly lights, flocked garland & mini bottle brush trees +traditional candy canes!
I went quite different than past years & did a more whimsical card theme, but we're more neutral this year instead of traditional! 

 Stewart & Swartz the "Wart" wouldn't cooperate,  so we decided to make it funny instead...^ ! Mr. Wibble the bunny couldn't be in the picture due to the cold,  but of course he's still on the card! It's funny I remember when it was just us & our bunny Charlotte...Now we have the two boys & Mr. Wibble! I'm sad not seeing Stinkers name on the card this year...It'll be 1 year December 22nd! RIP old girl♡.


**Side Note: Every year we use


Do you do Christmas cards each year? Who do you use & do you have a theme?

HAPPY Tuesday!
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