Monday, January 18, 2016

{ Thrifty & Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover }

Happy Tuesday friendsss! Hope the week is off to a great start thus far for everyone! It's been snowy & cold here..winter eek! Anyways I've been working on this bathroom makeover for the last week & with  previous post leading to this final post reveal..I'm soo ready!! Let me just start by saying our upper level bathroom { my bathroom } is super "quaint" hahah. It's updated with travertine, granite, stainless fixtures & even a "Toto Church " throne LOL..but it all was soo plain! I've done little spruce ups here & there, but nothing like this since we moved in 4 years ago...I had an idea in my head & even blogged what I was going for here --->Bathroom Plans & Inspiration . I wanted a neutral, vintage/saloon/cottage like bath. Somewhere that was charming, but plenty useful. By useful I mean using decor that doubles as charm & can be mostly used. Come see the whole reveal below !!!!

I'm pretty sure that DIY mason jar light is my favorite project yet!! It was so simple & the vintage charm it radiates is amazing. I mean who says custom light fixtures have to be expensive? See the tutorial -->DIY Farmhouse Light

Lets talk about this cabinet..AHH this cabinet, ya not my favorite. It's just a cheapy target bath organizer, but with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in the color "Old Ochre" I gave it a little life. I was thinking about adding some black to it & distressing it..but honestly I ran out of time. I'll be sure to update if I decide give this little cabinet a face lift.

The mirror other then the light fixture were the biggest impact in this space. I knew I wanted to ditch the generic white +Target  mirror, but never would have thought to use this mirror I had laying around. It was given to me by my grandmother a few months back, but never found a spot in our home. As I was  searching for a new mirror I remembered I had this one..& the wood would be perfect for some added charm. I ended up painting the detailing at the top with some black paint  for some added drama. It's a 50 year old mirror, so it's got many imperfections, but for now it'll do.

Like I said above I wanted to use stuff that was usable, so I added some new white washcloths, candle, bath salts & of course some simple vintage bottle decor & wood frame.

You can see the full post on this vintage pottery toothbrush holder --->Cottage Bath Storage

Simple, bright & fresh.

I really hope you guys liked this little bathroom makeover. I'm so pleased at how  it turned out & all with using mostly thrifty goods & a fun DIY project. With all the new items..mirror,light,shower rod, towels, & wall decor we only spent $65!! That alone makes me happy as most of the cottage/farmhouse items out right now are a pretty around, thrift etc..& you can achieve any look for your preferred budget.