Thursday, October 22, 2015

{ Neutral Lamps for Under $30! }

Heyyyy! Happy Friday guys..excuse the lackluster intro today, I'm so tired. I painted the front door interior & the exterior & interior of the back door & trim. I needed something fresh & clean for the upcoming holidays & wow was that a job...I'm now reminded why I despise working with latex paint..UGH! Anyways that's for an upcoming post etc..haha. Today I'm sharing a quick little post all about neutral lamps & on the cheap per usual!! So you guys have heard me say before that I haven't bought new lamps since 2009  right? Well, the reason was because I could never find any I liked or that weren't expensive blah blah blah..Well, a few weeks ago my sister & I took a fall night ride out to +HomeGoods  & spotted these babies!!! I mean actually my sister spotted them & TOLD me you're getting these haha our typical relationship. We originally got these for my master, but I didn't like them in there. Just as I was about to bag them back up my sister texted me & said put them in the living room...Hmm, okay!! WHAT?? I finally have new lamps for the living room & I LOVE them...unheard of hahah!  

I love the simple metal design of these lamps. They're an aged metal look with different metals all in one..if that makes sense. They basically work in any room or with any style for that matter. I think they would even look good with modern decor! Just remember for $30 a lamp including the tan canvas shade, you can always paint the metal base ha!

That stickerrrr...ahhh ..Don't ask ha! You see what I mean with the color variations in the base?! I love it!!!

Another thing that I liked about these lamps after keeping them for the living room was the light they allowed. They feel bold, yet light &don't weigh down the room!!

What do you guys think of these lamps? Were they worth the wait? I think $60 for two metal lamps with the shade was pretty good! I mean shades alone can be $15 and up!!! 

I'm sorry this is such a small post, again I'm so sleepy & still have 3 more things to do after this... I really hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!! Don't forget to follow via my social media accounts & SUBSCRIBE for FREE updates right to your e-mail { All can be found on the left side of the blog} !!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

{ Practical Alternatives for Costly Home Updates! }

Welcome back to my little blog guys! You know  how some weeks are busier then others..Ya, this is one of them, but no complaints..yet haha! I'm blogging something I hope many, if not all of my readers  appreciate & gain some simple insight..HOME UPDATES FOR LESS!! I know that sounds like something crazy to say,  even though no updates are usually "cheap" or what I consider cheap, I'm here to show you guys some "alternatives" to some of the more costly projects that you can somewhat skimp on.. If you've been following us we've been updating some stuff in our little suburban cottage { 1950's Ranch Style Home} for a more charming cottage look. This past weekend we updated the garage --> Garage Update . I'm back with some other alternative ways to update otherwise costly projects inside & outside! I know this may seem like a repetitive post, but honestly many people skip these things & go right to the big or expensive fix, which doesn't always need to be done. I mean why waste money if you don't need to? I'm sure we can find other ways to spend our hard earned money on..right?! 


Doors are one of those things that you obviously need, but they're not cheap, & most of the time aren't pretty! With some paint & creativity you can add subtle charm & update just about any door. Our front door is just a standard semi newer door, but it was so blah..The door I liked was super expensive , so I broke out some paint & DIY'd this guy haha! Here is the full blog post-- > Door Makeover  on how I painted this for a custom & fresh look for under $30 compared to $300+...


You can update just about any door entry with some simple lighting. I wanted a more cottage/ farmhouse look so we picked this light up +The Home Depot  for under $25!! Pick something neutral, big enough & fun!  Try to stay cohesive with the lights & door. For example if you're going more modern stick with both modern etc.. I mean it's nice to mix & match but in this case try & keep it all together for a clean & cohesive look!  

Side Note: The mailbox is from +Pottery Barn  $65! After Mark updated the new light, I added some black to the lettering..see here comes that cohesiveness I'm getting at ;) . Pulling some dark onto the mailbox so the light & mailbox come together.

- KNOBS / HARDWARE etc... -

Hardware is one of those things that can make such a big impact & it's so simple to do { I switched these all out in 30 mins minus the one that stuck haha ;) } . They cost $15 a pack & with 4 doors we spent under $70 & the update is remarkable. Again, we're going for farmhouse charm so we went with dark bronzed knobs, but just having fresh newer knobs on doors can update them. These doors were in horrible shape when we bought this house over 3 years ago & with many coats of white paint [ they were light wood } & new knobs { we had silver before} they look fresh & actually pretty decent. I mean to replace four doors with mid-grade doors would have been over $500 & lets be honest I wanted more then mid-grade haha #picky!! I mean you can weigh the difference...& not to mention the project was pretty simple!!

The same goes with the cabinets in the kitchen..We added new hardware to them & the difference was shocking!! We got all this hardware from +Target  in the packs { not individual} because it's cheaper that way usually & love the difference!  The hardware that was on the cabinets  were similar, but silver & after we painted the cabinets white { they were newer  cabinets when we moved in} they kinda just blended in. I know everyone says painting cabinets is a no-no, but honestly DO IT!! I love the fresh look & they've hardly chipped AT ALL after 3.5 years..Paint/ stain/gel etc.. gives an instant update even to older cabinets & for a fraction of the cost. The knobs cost under $100 total for the whole kitchen!!!!!

I really hope these tips/tricks help when updating an older or just dull house. It's the smaller things that make the biggest impact. If you can't afford bigger updating just compromise & update something similar that will give the illusion of a freshened up space.  

Have a great Wednesday everyone! 


Monday, October 19, 2015

{ Simple & Instant Garage Door Update! }

Goodbye Monday & hello Tuesday!! I hope you all had a great start to the week! I mentioned that we did some updating inside & outside of our little suburban cottage & today I'm sharing the outside!!! This is pry my most favorite outside project for this home of ours. It's made the biggest impact without breaking the bank & was quite simple.. We have been throwing around the idea of painting the white garage & little bits of white splattered here & there on our little brick abode. Well, if you know me, you'd know I'm the most indecisive person!! We spent all Friday & Saturday trying to pick  a color & NO LUCK!! I decided the reason why I was having so much of a problem with picking a new color for the garage door & two peaks, were because I actually still LOVE the white we painted the garage, house & shutters when we moved in! I remembered why we chose white { because it was so bright, fresh & cottageyy + complimented the beautiful true red brick }!  After deciding to keep the garage white, I came up with another plan...shock, I know right hahaha!  We located some cottage/carriage house garage door decor at one of our local +The Home Depot  stores! These sets are usually only sold online & actually were kinda hard to track down..but we did at another store without having to pay the shipping for the large box etc.. 


Make sure to use the natural lines on the garage to center appropriately! Each garage is different so pay special attention to this!

My husband requested I mention to use only the screws that came with the kit for the window part in his opinion!! They're color tipped white to blend & are much larger, however the other recommended screws were much to large for our garage door. The newer doors are thinner & the screws to large. Mark grabbed some spare ones for this part, and again each door is different. 

Can you believe this cottage hardware  only cost $100 for the impact it makes on an otherwise standard garage door?!! We chose to go with this decorative pack because it was less commitment then a color & also because it's simple & neutral curb appeal, yet cozy & custom. This garage was custom built less then 10 years ago & the door newer as well. We didn't want spend a truck load on something since we still plan on moving in the not so far future hopefully ;)! Until my husbands new business strides & my business gets situated & we actually find a house  we like & not just settle on, then we'll hit the road haha! I'm inpatient, but in reality I love this home of ours..but with 3 trucks,  furniture,  tools & my jeep we need more land. Long story short, this was the perfect update for the now! This project was completed in 20 minutes!

I just love the hardware { It's metal } & the rustic galvanized buckets ,and orange mums together. It's so simple, farmhouse/cottagey & super bright! I love the leaves & the imprints they leave..I know ,I'm weird... Today was SUPER breezy &  a perfect 60 and sunny! I could have stayed outside all day photographing, enjoying my grams & doggy kids haha! I mean it's not often you can have dinner on the patio in October here..


The box showed 4 windows, but I found it to be a bit much. I wanted more quaint, less mirrored/modern! That spotlight will be changed out soon to match our new front one { I'll be blogging that soon too }!

**We have big plans to update this little patch of fence & gate ASAP too. I hate chain fences, but with our ordinances we have to get crafty ;) hehehe { more coming on what we're doing to freshen it up with some DIY } ! 

I just couldn't wait to show you guys this project!! I really hope this helps all of us { including us} that need to add charm to a plain space, but simply & on the cheap! 

I really appreciate you stopping in! Have a great rest of the week friends!!


Sunday, October 18, 2015

{ Charming & Colorful Thanksgiving Tablescape }

It's Monday already...BOO! Seriously this weekend, like most just zinged right by!! This weekend was the epitome of the way fall is described in books...sunny, crisp breeze & everything cozy goodness!! We had so much fun just "tooling around" & enjoying some delicious new chocolate glazed donut flavored coffee, playing with the dogs, eating some Arabic cuisine & being cozy together. We got some projects done outside { I'll be blogging that ASAP eek!} & got some things updated inside our little suburban cottage! You know those things that don't need to be updated, but in a sense they do..Ya those types of projects! We even got to visit with our parents today & discuss some exciting things happening this winter business related! One thing I also did on Saturday morning was snap some simple pics of our new Thanksgiving tablescape..for now haha! Keep scrolling for some cheerful inspiration!

I made this sign from a huge wood slice we had piled in the garage..Oh, geez that makes us sound like hoarders haha. It was plain & untouched so I decided to give it a little life!!! It had a huge nail through the middle, so I had Markie remove it for me:)!  I chalked it out & used some black paint for the thick lettering! I added some leaves with spray glue & all done!!! 

P.S. How pretty is that baby's breath? I used the leftover from this post Kitchen Corner Cabinet  & stuck it all behind the wood. I'm telling you I'm obsessed with baby's breath & the simplicity!

I love these olive wood hands!! They're authentic from overseas & I thought they were appropriate! The tobacco candle is from +HomeGoods  & the runner from Marshalls! I picked up some real, yup you heard right REAL pumpkins from +Kroger  on Friday night !! If you guys would have only been there with us on a Friday night picking pumpkins out in a silent Kroger...yikes haha! My lovely husband was doing an impression of me..but I'll refrain from  indulging in it on TQS hahahah!

How cute is that little mini wood honeycomb?! I have a vintage mini honey crock & my grams found this to go with it! I thought it looked cute with the fresh cinnamon sticks & gold rimmed plates!

I hope you guys also had an enchanting autumn weekend too!  I'll be back this week with some tips & outdoor updates!! I'm curious so do you guys like the more neutral table look from Our 2015 Fall Home Tour   ,or do you like a more vibrant table like this one I styled?? Let me know in the comments below :)!!  Happy week guys! 


Thursday, October 15, 2015

{ DIY Chalk Painted Faux Wood Front Door Makeover!}

 Happy Friday!! I'm so excited for this weekend! I've got a honey-to-do list a mile long hahah. I hope my husband is ready..I got some big plans for our little suburban cottage & it's mostly on the outside..I've had this idea in my head for quite sometime & hope we can pull it off before it gets to cold outside here in the north!! Enough about the outside, I updated something in the inside that had been bugging me since day 5 in our house haha jk..but seriously! It's one of those things that isn't urgent or that you stare at while relaxing it tends to get looked over..Ya, it's the front door!!! Come see how I pulled off this custom faux wood look for under $20!!!!!

This was the -BEFORE- eeek, right?! I used some leftover paint we had from our lower level two tone paint & at first I liked it..& then it just became dull...I don't know why I waited so long to paint it & the way I did for close to nothing..

Just a little toooo stark, but still an improvement!! P.S. I LOVE that stool DIY Farmhouse Stool

I used leftover chalkboard paint from +Target ! It's 1quart & about a quarter was gone before I started painting & I still have a quarter left with 2 coats!! This stuff goes a long way I tell ya! You could also use just plain chalk paint in black, but I had this so why not!!

This is where the nifty part comes in..See I wanted more of a cottage door, but lets face it solid wood doors or at least the ones I liked were over a grand..Ya, not happening if we plan on moving! So the night before I started this project My husband casually says why don't you distress it..I shrugged it off & laughed that he was even mentioned that. He obviously knows my style to a tee haha! Well, after the first coat around the  glass window { I used a custom mixed grey/blue/white } I wasn't digging it. It was too perfect & charmless looking for my style..Hmm what to do? Oh ya, hit it with some brown antique wax & DISTRESS IT for that cozy, modern & cottagey look! Thanks you to my wonderful hubby for putting that in my head hehe! I did about two coats, wiped & dried & it seriously looks like custom wood!!!!!

 I just love how much impact this gives our little entryway!! I never thought I would like black, but I'm seriously in love!!! It was the perfect day to paint with the storm screen down & use my trusty little step stool since I'm a shorty who hates heights ;)!

Cozy, fresh & fally-yyy all for under $20!

Thank you honey for the idea, I know you'll be reading this in the morning { He reads my new posts every morning before work & gives me input :)))!

What do you guys think of this front door makeover?! What color is your front door?

Have a lovely weekend guys!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

{ Neutral Fall Bedroom Inspiration & Update.. }

I seriously can't believe that fall is going by so FAST!! I mean Halloween is in 2.5 weeks..Ya, nuts I know!! I'm on my own time & season schedule. Seeing as how November is almost here { My favorite month} just seems like Christmas is around the corner hehe! I know many of you are cringing so enough talk about Christmas & lets keep on track with the fall goodness. This week I added some simple fall touches to our bedroom & some new pieces! I originally was going to blog the new pieces separate, but thought why not just blog the fall touches with the new goodies! If you've been reading for a while then you would know I did a little revamp on our master a few months back. I talked about wanting to add a new rug even though ours were in great condition, they were just kinda heavy & I was bored with the white shag shabby chic style. I couldn't find any I liked at the time or that weren't over $500!! Well, this past week I found one...& for under $50!!!!!!!!!

Yup, I scored this jute rug for $45 +IKEA USA  !! I was browsing the clearance center  right before checking out & spotted this beauty!! They had two sizes & I decided on the 5.7x7.7! I know these are super trendy right now, which is usually not me..but  for $45 I snagged it up for our fallyy bedroom! It fits perfect & much to my surprise it's pretty soft. I love the simplicity & most of all it's basically maintenance freeeee YAY haahahah! I'm weird with rugs, they usually always have to be solid colored or neutral. I also like them to make a bold statement too ,but also be easy to work around when changing out accessories so see it's hard because I'm picky..shocker right?!

If you didn't know this about me, I love vintage books! This is the "Harvester" !

This is another new piece added to our little cozy bedroom! I got this tray on sale at +Hobby Lobby  for $16! It was originally $36..I just love the aged black look with the distressed tan & little curvy copper handles! Now..this piece isn't JUST for looks hubby uses it almost every night for his nightly after dinner dessert haha! I know wife of the YEAR award hehe JK he actually spoils me more & I can be pretty difficult! It looks super heavy, but it's actually pretty light & tucks right away beside his nightstand! 

I just added some cute little ceramic pumpkins { Dollar Tree }, tea  & some fresh cinnamon sticks! Simple and so yummy on a windy fall afternoon!

Okay another new item..I promise I'm not a shopaholic LOL! Refer back to this post Rustic/Glam Master Revamp about our old lamps & how I painted the shades black..Ya, that was fine until one of the lamps kinda broke. Time for some new lamps & I wanted something a bit different, yet simple so I got these black desk lamps. I picked these up at +Target  for under $30 a piece! One of them had a little dent so I got it for $23!!!  If you see the picture below, you'll notice there is no light bulb in it..Ya it burnt out right when I was about to photograph..practical blogging at its best.

Side Note: I almost forgot to mention  I added some little rustic burlap runners from scrap  to the side tables! I had some extra & liked the added texture for fall etc..

I had this wreath for quite sometime..It was just sitting in one of our spare rooms. I got it from my aunt who didn't want it anymore. I added the cutest little burlap bow from +IKEA USA  & a burlap ribbon & LOVE IT! It makes the perfect fall wreath in our bedroom!

Hope you guys gathered some inspiration! I just love how cozy & non-traditional this space is!! I'm not into the studded headboard craze or the huge nightstand mirrors..just isn't me! Anyways I can't wait to share some other little updates inside & out we've been working on around our little suburban cottage! I had this itch to update a few things, so we are!  Stay tuned ;) ....

Happy Thursday & THANK YOU for stopping by guys!!