Saturday, October 10, 2015

{ New Farmhouse Living Room Artwork }

Happy Saturday night everyone! I hope you all are having a fun autumn weekend & enjoying some simple pleasures around this time of the year! I'm just relaxing in tonight with the doggies & bunny & I decided to blog a little something for you guys!! Last night my sister & I decided to take a little night drive out to +HomeGoods  & I spotted something that I've been looking for, for quite sometime..ARTWORK!! I know , artwork is all over & isn't hard to come by but honestly I  couldn't settle on something that was soo generic or something that was super trendy. I've looked at art festivals, department stores, Etsy etc.. & well nothing!! It's been three years so when I spotted this little gem last night I snatched it up lol! Then comes the second part..the dreaded " How Much?" stare..To my HAPPY surprise it was on clearance for $29!!!

I love how cozy & neutral this little nook is now! I'm not going to lie taking down the "gallery wall" was kind of difficult { even though I disliked it}. I'm a sentimental person & taking down family pictures etc..was hard. I have very few pictures in our home out & about, but not to worry I have found a new spot ;)! 

When we were shopping around +HomeGoods  last night for lamps , well supposed to be...haha & then came across this I asked my sister who has her BFA in fine arts what she thought of this store bought artwork & to my utter shock { literally } she said, she loved it! She remarked that it spoke to her with meaning & honestly I've been staring at it all day & it really does. The simple stark empty farmhouse says so much!

I know farmhouse/ cottage style is becoming really popular right now, so I thought why not share this from one of the trendiest stores right now, but yet it still seems like a one of a kind & for the bargain price of under $30!!!!! You guys know I'm all about affordability & I hope I never disappoint in that category here on TQS!  

What do you guys think about this store bought artwork? Does it speak to you? Feel free to leave me a comment about your favorite artwork or places to shop etc.. Have a lovely rest of the weekend guys!

P.S. If you'd like to see the before just hit our Home Tour at the top right of the blog :)! I'll be updating the - Home Tour - link soon I promise! 


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