Thursday, October 8, 2015

{ Simple Cottage Styled Guest Bedroom }

I can't believe this week is already over!!! I've been all over these past few days gathering stuff & kinda making-over our little guest room & another little area in our suburban cottage!! I was getting bored with the dingy rugs, & the "in your face" purple theme { It was for our niece }! I decided on something a little more neutral ,but still bright & cheery, yet relaxing! I switched out the rug, bedding, curtains & nightstand decor ! I used stuff I had, cottagey & farmhouse goods mixed with cheery shabby chic goods! I love the way it turned out..Although we don't have family stay overnight usually, we have had a few & this little room definitely comes in handy! I will say when it's not being used that the pibbles are usually in there terrorizing it haha! 

Seriously this is pry one of my most favorite rooms I have decorated or helped style in someway!! It's so light, bright & cozy!! I know what most of you are's so white & for a dog playroom ..Ya, I know ,but honestly most of the time they're pretty good..;). The vintage mirror/wall art was a gift from my mom..It originally only was wood & we had the mirror put in it for $20! I love this piece, and it looks great in this space. I added some cute little faux succulents & the "dream sign"! Both of these items were purchased from +Michaels Stores  year's back!

This little garden sign was a trash spruce up & I love it! I had it in the bathroom for a bit, but loved it in here more. I used an old galvanized paint splattered bucket to put this cute little lamp on! 

The bed is an antique I believe.. { family item } & it's just enough for this room. This room isn't large by any means, but it's not small either. I believe its 12x11! 

Layering with whites is one of my obsessions or anything neutral for that matter. This comforter has all light pastels . It's from the Shabby Chic brand by +Rachel Ashwell  at +Target !! It's held up pretty well since 2009! The pillow is from +IKEA USA !

See this sign I got in the trash spruced up in this DIY  Country Garden sign revamp

P.S. I have to paint this furniture ASAP..Don't worry I'm already planning something this winter for these two pieces!!! I will for sure be blogging them after.They're my childhood bedroom furniture..Now I feel old haha..!

I switched out the pot at the end of the bed on the step stool..& decided a nighttime picture would be pretty!! The white fleece throw is from +IKEA USA  for $4!

Okay, seriously I had to post a picture with the two babies "Stinker & Stewart" aka Chocolate & Peanut Butter in this post!!! Can you tell we love these rescued brown turds & they love this room hahahah??!!. I swear when I was just about to get done photographing they jumped right up on the bed like this like heyyyy mom we love our playroom haha! 

Side Note: Most of the things in this room are thrifty / vintage or things I shopped in our house to do this little makeover. See what the " purple room" or our nieces room as she called it looked like before it got a little face-lift via our  Home Tour ! 

Have a great autumn weekend guys!!!


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