Tuesday, November 21, 2017

{ Favorite Festive ANTHROPOLOGIE Christmas Goods }

It's almost Wednesday so I thought I would pop on here before the festivities start & the long weekend is here..I'm super excited for some good food, drinks & of course family time. I can sometimes be very antisocial, but with my dad being sick & all it's going to be nice to enjoy just our close little 5-6 people gathering & some quality time...Ugh here come the tears. You guys I've been a mess lately, but taking our little vacation to one of our favorite places { New York City } helped a bit..While we were there our last night we had just chowed down a bunch of Chick-Fil -A since we had never had it before haha & then decided to hit the town that night & just as we were getting ready to cross the street Mark spotted the NYC Anthropologie store EEEEK!! I just so happen to not be paying attention { shocker } & he goes "Ohhh honey LOOK " hahah..I literally sprinted across the street in my fringe boots & almost got taken out by 3 taxi's haha..Come take a peek at some of these unique items I found there while browsing!!

So as soo as I stepped in I ran to these!! I loved the way they were rustically styled, & how unique they were!!! I regret not picking some up for our tree upstairs...UGH! I may have to go back to the one in Michigan & see if they have them as well!!

 These were my second favorites!! I love the light teal glass bulbs with the blueberry vine like berry twine!! It's so my style &I may have added some of this in our dining room..I'll be blogging each Christmas space before the full Christmas Home Tour per usual, so stay tuned!!

I love the tin houses because to me they gave off that cozy cottage feel,but with that little bit of industrial/eclectic feel! These have been super popular this year...I spotted them at Pottery Barn too & a couple chains..I love them, the glass metallic tree trend ehh not so much haha!

What do you think about these fun & unique finds from the Anthro store? I always like to stick to what I love/my style,but every once in again something strikes my eye & these items for sure did, not to mention in the most magical city! Hope you enjoyed this inspiration!!


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