Monday, January 13, 2020

{ Fresh Winter Kitchen Window }

 After a comfy icy weekend inside,  it was definitely a rough start to the week. Some people just aren't nice..but back to this weekend for a minute! I decided to put many of our small appliances away from being on the countertops for a few reasons..First one being we aren't die hard coffee drinkers..shocker, gasp, OMG , but we just aren't.  We occasionally like a hit Keurig latte, cappuccino or Mark likes a regular coffee..So I out it away in our built in appliances cabinet above the pantry { I showed it in my IG stories }. Secondly,  there was just too much stuff on our counters & it wasn't appealing ha. Come on now, you guys know by now us "bloggers" do anything for the decor appeal or "shot" haha. Today I'm on here to show your our fresh winter kitchen window area..



I wanted to try the new Mrs Meyers scent, so I picked these light blue packaged ones up, which was perfect for wintertime! I had an old blue pot I stuck a scrubby brush in & added some cypress to vintage milk bottles! The fresh dish towels add coziness & functionality !

Our kitchen isn't huge, but we do have tons of storage & two built -in pantries! I moved nearly everything off the sink area including small appliances,  but decided to keep this vintage white cabinet that holds teas, sugar, Kcups etc..


I love these cypress branches which add that bit of freshness even in the dead of our Michigan winter! 


I kept the lamp because It's useful for us + I find something sooo cozy about a lamp on the counter, not to mention in draws the dining space in with the matching chandelier shade! 


Do you have your appliances all out on the counters or are they stored in a separate area? I hope you find this refreshing!

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