Wednesday, September 11, 2019

{ Vibrant Vintage Fall Porch }

Ahhhh my favorite post of autumn or fall.. THE PORCH!! Which do you say? I actually prefer saying autumn just sounds more New England-ish. You guys know I love autumn on the East coast up by Maine, Connecticut, Vermont etc.. The warm fresh colors, crisp air & vintage wood colonial homes are like nothing else. Anyways, that was kind of my inspiration for this  year's front porch, BUT with a slight spin!!! I decided I wanted to add a touch of  Halloween to it as well. Not the plastic, glittery /gory kind { if you like that, awesome} but more of the Hocus Pocus vintage Salem town it's filmed in! I'm going to stop gabbing & just let you take a look...


We replaced the wood planks first off! I'm actually surprised they last two years in the Michigan elements with just an overhang!! We had more leftover, so fresh warm wood planks it was!! The second thing was the focal point & that's the gorgeous red mums!! I got these for $7.99 each at our local nursery & they're so pretty!! Red ones are my fav & paired with the freshly painted garage they add that much more charm♡.


As you can see I'm pretty obsessed with these SUPER simple Halloween prints, so I moved them out to the fall porch potting bench!! I love the black frames, red mums , soft white pumpkins + gourds together!! 



The copper tools, metal garden plaque & watering can added to this cozy space!!

I pulled the vintage red wagon  out at the last minute & I'm glad I did!! It adds that rusty vintage antique charm I crave &+storage for the pumpkins & old galvanized buckets!!

So I have to ask- What are your favorite color mums? I hope you  loved this freshened up fall porch & barn garage!!  Do I dare say I love the color red bahaha.


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